Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Crap Nobody's Reading Anyway

Okay, so here's the deal. I said Screw it today with the Atkins-clog-up-your-arteries-don't-shit-for-four-days diet and switched back to my tried-and-true Weight Watchers points.

Halelulia, or however you spell that. For a couple of reasons.

I've been getting those bad headaches, and I'm pretty sure it's because of the no-carb. I know, I know, LOW CARB, and Good Carbs is the way to go, along with exercise. I'm aware of that. I'm also aware that, Thank God, my stupid scale is off about six pounds THE WRONG WAY. I went to the doctor today to discuss my thyroid issues and got weighed, and I'm six pounds in favor at their scale; also four pounds less than I was in Feb when I was last at the doc, but I am just chalking that up to winter clothes weigh-in vs. summer clothes weigh-in.

Regardless, the past six days of NO CARBs has just reassured me that I know I have the willpower when I get to the point that I have to kick it into gear, and I also know that I cannot be deprived of the things I love.

And, you know one thing I love I haven't had since a week ago Monday when I was in Florida...


So, I'm counting points today, and did the Subway Jared lunch thing and I have all these extra points to use up today and I'm not hungry but dammit! I want my light frap, so I go and get it....

and here's where it gets highschoolish.

Cute Starbucks Boy is there, but he's not working; he's just hanging out.

And he shaved his head, and oh.my.god. he is heart-stopping gorgeous, even more so WITHOUT HAIR! I freaked! I stared! I swooned! I stared some more. All the while he's chattin' up two girls that look like highschoolers while I'm thinking, "Ooh, let me get a hold of him! He doesn't need highschoolers! He needs a mature woman to show him a few tricks!" HAHAH. I am so married and so in love with my husband that I am cracking up as I'm writing this.

Which BTW, husband finally, finally, after what, 18 months of dedicated practically daily blogging, surfed over to MM and said to me just the other day, "Do you think you should be saying this stuff about your IUD? I mean, what if people who work for me read this?"

Okay, if your employees have that much time on their hands to google their boss's wife's name and find her blog, then Whooopppeeee! Have at it folks!!

Anyway, totally digressing over here.

So, hottie-bald-starbucks boy leaves right after I'm getting into my hot sportsmobile, aka the minivan, and he begins walking. I'm in my car and I have this fleeting fantasy...

The other day, when I was brave and flirty with the blood-taker-guy, my confidence must have gotten boosted (even if my thyroid numbers didn't, and they now need to up my meds!) because I was this close today to rolling down the way cool-like minivan window and confirming that it was definitely hottie-starbucks-boy.

I was thisclose to just coming right out and saying, "You shaved your head?"

I envisioned he would modestly reach up and touch his fuzz, smile shyly and say, "Yeah."

Then I would probably boldly just come right out and say it:

"Dude, you look totally, totally, TOTALLY hot like that!"

Maybe I'll do it the next time I go over for a Frap!


Anna said...

Hahaha -- there was this guy at the Starbucks I used to go to who was MEGA hot --- and I always tried to figure out ways to say grande skim latte, "no foam" all sultry and breathy. Unfortunately, it DIDN'T WORK. Haha - but have fun with your crush!

Anonymous said...

Hot guys are hard to find at my local Starbucks. The best I can do is drive-by friendships with the college girls...

g. said...

okay so I got a fun hot-barista story for ya... when we first moved to Minnesota, the guy at the starbucks by my house was TOTALLY hot, in fact rather than go through the convenient drive through I ALWAYS went inside... of course I confessed my total crush to my sister... no biggie, right?

Until she moves to minnesota and starts working at that same starbucks !!!!! Of course she tells me that she told him about my crush... it was drive through after that baby !!! lol


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I think it's a ploy at Starbucks to hire hotties. Just like Hooters has to hire chicks with big boobies, we gals get the hottie baristas at Starbucks... all fair, right?

Yum, craving a frap right about now, if ya know what I mean?

xxxx said...

At least you didn't make a character in 40 look like hottie Starbucks boy, like (cough) someone I know (cough) did...


cubmommy said...

Where are these hotties? I have only seen girls working at the one I go to.