Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Why is it that every time I'm having a really, really, REALLY hot, on-the-verge-of-ecstasy dream, I am woken up by some other force of nature. This morning's dream was whoooa! Hot.

And I'll blog about it later, but I have to go pick up Ajers from football camp and I have to be there on time today because I was 15 minutes late yesterday because I got lost (yeah, yeah, I know), and his poor little face was streaming with tears. He was mad, he was scared, he was worried, and I felt horrible. My little guy is still my little guy no matter how tough he wants us to think he is.

More later on the dream about Stever, the guy I *L U S T E D* after in college...


Undercover Mother said...

Life is a minefield with a myriad of ways to make you feel like a BAD MOM. I picked up my daughter five minutes late from tae kwon do and got THE LOOK from the teacher and my daughter.

Why I even get out of bed (and my college lust was Dylan) is a mystery to me, sometimes.

g. said...

Strange I had a dream about my college boyfriend also also last night... except in my dream I realized that his penis was really really small... lol !

Guess that means I am totally and completely over him :)


Anonymous said...

Just to break in with a little scientific detail, but I heard that the only dreams you remember are the ones you wake up during, so it stands to reason that you only remember the hot dreams you're awakened in the middle of.

Elle Charlie said...

I wish you could pick what you dream about - sometimes I just have weird dreams, not good or bad - last night I dreamt about kids trick-or-treating in the head of a giant mechanical King Kong robot and terrorizing the neighborhood.


Yours sounds MUCH better.