Friday, June 23, 2006


Oh My Gosh! I am totally, totally swooning!

The coach just came over to get AJers, and he was all sported up in his work clothes and looking majorly hot with a new haircut and OH MY, I feel the need to call all my seventh grader girlfriends and say:


Oh my gosh, he is so cute. Just darling.

And I even said to him, probably all flirty like, "You look nice." I am sure I sounded so totally stupid. But man, he is a cutie. I wish I attended more of the baseball games this season.

And what do I look like? Pure crap. Stinky smelly, haven't taken a shower since yesterday at 2 p.m. crap. I am wearing an old raggedy black T and jogging shorts. Boring. Not attractive. I knew I shoulda dressed up for the occasion! At least I remembered to put on the gloss.

So, now I'm really going to Google him now, and will confess to hubby of my lusty thoughts.

Whew. It's getting hot in here.

PS... Can't find him on Google. Guess that's what happens when about 40% of all males are named James.


Modigliani said...

heheh... it's fun to have an innocent little crush!

Anonymous said...

what are you thinking about your "coach" does he know you don't shower...hee hee or better yet does your husband have a secret crush too? I'd like to read some of "his" feed back on all these crazy emotions...they are emotions or do you call them fantasies?

Rachel said...

I would never ever tell my husband about a secret crush. That would give him too much ammo. You are a brave woman.

Martini said...

Was i right or was I right?

He knows...:)

xxxx said...

OH MY GOSH, this is the FUNNIEST freaking thing EVER!!! I am cracking up. So he's really hot? How hot?? I love that Hubby totally indulges your crushes too...he's the best.

Anonymous said...

You have a great hubby who is so understanding of your "crush" and uses humour in his understanding..


stephhale said...

This was so funny because just last night hubby and I went to this little carnival thingy. I looked like dogcrap with ponytail and grungy clothes going on thinking I wouldn't see anybody I knew! I saw like three people that I had...ahem..been..ahem..intimate with. One of them looking particularly yummy and I looked like a dirty bitch! My husband thankfully was oblivious except he did make a comment that a lot of guys were staring at me. :)


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Steph--you and your carnies! xo