Friday, January 13, 2006

There's Nothing To Do.

I'm bored. I'm totally, pathetically bored right now. There's nothing to do. It's Friday night and Ajers and Tukey are in the basement playing GameCube. Diva is at a friends. Hubby got home from work early and he suggested some 'cuddling', but come on, I can't just be that quick to cuddle. It takes time.

Plus, it's not really officially the weekend.
Plus, I'm feeling fat and bloaty.
Plus, I haven't had any wine.
Plus, there are children in the house.

And I'm crabby. And whiny. And on the verge of being bitchy. I feel a fight coming on just to spruce things up around here.

I'm bored and crabby and all I am thinking about is a big, fat, large, yummy, extra-sauce cheese pizza. Oh, maybe add some garlic and spinach.

I think it's because I have been querying agents again. And getting practically nowhere. Some are biting, but no one has swallowed that damn hook yet so I can pull him out of the water, get rid of the hook, shake his hand and sign a freaking contract.

I have given myself a new goal. If, after my one-hundred-and-first rejection, there has not been the signing of an agent that I fall in love with and vice versa, then 40 Weeks goes into a drawer for however long it needs to sit there before I decide to do something else.

And then, I guess I'll just have to continue working on sucky manuscript No. 2.

I feel like a bratty kid right now waiting for someone to entertain me. To take me somewhere. To do something fun. I'd even settle for a family trip to Chuck E. Cheese right about now. Yes, it's annoying loud. Yes, Hubby refers to it as Kiddy Vegas. Yes, we don't have an extra hundred bucks to take the kids somewhere to toss money in flashing lighted machines.


They do have pizza and beer.

Update to post: Okay, I had my pizza, even if it was Tony's frozen cheese. That made me happy. And then this made me smile and be happy too...

Tukey Talk
Sing-songy voice: "I have to tell you a secret!"

Me: "What?"

Tukey comes over to me, pulls me down to his lips, and whispers: "You are the best mom ever!"

I melt.

Then he goes on to say:
"And you're the best pancaker!" pause... "I mean waffle-er!"

Yep, I can whip up a mean cinnamon-chocolate-chip pancake, that's for dang sure.
So, happy non-manic-depressed mom is back for the time being.
Have a nice weekend, and fill it with lots of love, kisses, thank-you's, hugs, and happy conversations with those you love! That's what I plan to do!



Anonymous said...

Sorry you're having a tough time of it. I hate when I feel restless and bored.

Erin said...

mmmm, beer.

Hope your evening goes well. And your weekend too!!!!

Nancy French said...

Hey -- you'd asked me previously about the agent thing. On my first manuscript, I queried like 80 or 90 agents before getting one to represent it.

In retrospect, I realize that even the best agent couldn't have sold that piece of junk. I'm not sure why on earth I wrote it, except perhaps as practice.

That's a hard pill to swallow.

Anyway, yes, my current agent is a sports agent, like Jerry McGuire. He had me at hello, since he's David best friend from law school. Great guy.

I'm thinking of you girlie!

cubmommy said...

I hate feeling bored. I feel trapped and I pace a lot when I am bored.

Pizza and beer sure sounds good.

Chuck E. Cheeses is a section of hell.

Hope your weekend is better.

What a sweet thing Tukey said. I love when they do that. Big Cubby the other day told me I was his girl. Too cute.

Dear Jane... said...

glad you got your pizza. i would have loved pizza last night, but since it is not one of my favorite things to witness the 2nd time around...I stuck with saltines. hope you are doing something exciting today!

Mama D said...

"You are the best mom ever!" That is so good. Kids are usually so much better at saying things like "Mama why is your bum so squishy?" or something. And then you sink into a deep depression and wonder when you can get to the gym. I'm glad my baby can't talk yet. I only have that to look forward to.

Tuesday Girl said...

I was so bored Friday & saturday night also.
Too bad you couldn't have come over & we could have been crabby together.

Michelle said...

Being bored sucks....thank God for blogs and internet friends!! LOL

Doesn 't your heart jsut melt when your kids say something like tht? :) That was precious!

Dear Jane... said...

ok, either you are too bored to write, or better yet you had an AWESOME super exiciting weekend so fun filled, sex filled and excitement filled that you didn't have a spare moment to write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)