Monday, January 30, 2006

Things: A Series of Lists

Things I Did Today:
--Load of laundry that's not yet out of the dryer
--Cooked up some chicken on the Geo Foreman for dinner tonight
--Swiffed, or is it Swifted, or Swifed?
--Vacuumed. Believe it.
--Got an oil change.
--Played G.I.Joe with Tukey. Man, they make those Barbies HOT! Yum.
--Dieted. So far.
--Set up playdates for each kid.
--Wished for sunshine.
--Wished for an agent.
--Finished When Katie Wakes, a really good memoir, which I believe to be true.
--Brushed my teeth.
--Dusted. Some.
--Watched George of the Jungle II with Tukey (okay, my eyes were closed and my head was under the covers, but I could hear parts of it.
--Checked email.
--Wished for Spring so I can come alive again.

Things I Didn't Do Today:
Fold the washed laundry.
Put the washed laundry away.
Feel attractive (and all it would take is a damn shower!)
Feel productive even though I did get some stuff done.

Things I Should Do Today:
Dishes. Ah, hell, see above.
Clean my office up so I will be motivated to write.
Make some phone calls.
Go to bed early.
Be happy.
Get out of this freaking funk I'm in.

Things I Will Do Tomorrow:
Go here, with Diva as a school chaperone.


g. said...

Sorry for the funk, I feel the same way... but on a brighter note, let me know how you like the aquarium... we are coming to Chi town in March and it's on my list of things to do with the kid while my husband works...

perhaps a visit with MM for a grandenonfattwopumpwithwhipwhitemocha a la Starbucks ?


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

G--for shiggity--I would LOVE to meet up with you when you are in town! The aquarium is nice, but if the weather is good when you're here--do Navy Pier or some other outdoor stuff! Let me know when you're in town, I can taste that gerarnlasjdflusdogsdogfhdlfsnowhip at starbucks right now!

Joel--You know, IMO, your two cents is always worth a million to me--thanks for always making me smile! And... BRUSHING TEETH IS TOO AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! So nyah! (IS that how you spell, Nyah? : )

cubmommy said...

Sorry the funk is still visiting you. Gray days do not help. I miss sunshine also.

I love Shedd we went twice over the summer. I love the Wild Reef part.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Cub--you complete understand my 'misery' -- you're right here in the grey gloom with me! I guess it just makes us appreciate that first little green blade that pokes out from the dirt all that much more!

Chrissy said...

Joel, YES, brushing teeth is an accomplishment!

MM, since you'll be showering before the field trip tomorrow, you'll have an edge on the Things To Do List & the Feeling Attractive goal. You ARE planig to shower, correct?


Chrissy said...

I think it's "swiffering"

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the aquarium. I hope you're able to emerge from your funk soon. I don't handle winter weather well, either. Especially when it's cloudy as much as it has been this year. I need me some sunshine!