Friday, June 02, 2006

Carb Monster and The Period Fairy

Was able to evade the Carb Monster all day yesterday and today, but suffered a horrible near vomit-induced migraine last night where I went to bed with an eye-pack over my eyes, Tukey comforting me while I moaned in agony. Thinking it was due to my body detoxing from lack of carbs, I wasn't sure I would be able to avoid a fat old lovely loaf of Panera bread today, but I did it! Twelve days to go until I'm 'guaranteed to lose 8-12 pounds' of horrible body fat, which is precisely in the places that prohibit me from feeling as happy as I know I could feel sans that extra fat.

Fortunately, I did get a visit from someone very special today, which I knew I would. I was just trying to create a little drama here because Manic Mom can get pretty boring. Thank you Period Fairy, for arriving today, and for also sprinkling some Delaying Period Fairy dust over me during my vacation!

And finally, today was Tukey's last day of preschool, and my last day of a two-and-a-half-hour stretch without children until September!!! I contemplated how to spend my last minutes of uninterrupted freedom. Should I bang out more of the revisions for 40? Should I unpack the suitcases from Wednesday that are still packed and thrown on the foyer floor? Should I do a little work for pay? Should I do some of the laundry that hasn't been done? Should I strip the beds and change the linens? Clean out a closet or two?

Ah, screw it.

I napped.

And the thing that pissed me off is the phone kept ringing. And then when whoever was calling my home didn't get a response from me, my cell would start ringing. I would pick up the phone, look at the caller ID, and decide my last 150 minutes of free-alone-all-me-and-no-one-else time didn't need to be spent rehashing my vacation with the caller, or planning outtings for next week. Nope, I wanted to close my eyes, and dream of all the fun I'm going to have at home this summer with three active wonderful children whose main concern and daily questions consist of, "Mom, entertain us!" or "Mom, what can we do next?!" or "Mom, take us somewhere!"

Ah, the joys of summer!


KATZ said...

Hey! I totally unplug the phone and hide the cell when I get a chance to nap with the kiddos! I mean, no one has anything to say that wouldn't sound just as good two hours from now! :) Anything urgent? Call 911.

Are you trying Atkins or another low-carb plan? I love Atkins, lost 40 lbs a while back (gained a lot of it back now)...and I'm thinking of trying it again starting Monday, with a 10lb weight loss challenge on my blog to keep me motivated for the first 2 weeks. :)

Best of luck!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Hey Sarah! Yeah, I'm doing the Atkins--I did it before a few years ago and lost 25, then switched to WW, which is great, great, great, but I need a quick jump start, you know? Except I have been getting these TERRIBLE headaches from the no carb thing these past two days--I woke up in the middle of the night with one, and had to go get a granola bar just to have some carbs in my body at 2 a.m.!

Tell me more of what you ate on Atkins. Yesterday, I fried up some cheese, which is an awesome treat, I also do sugar free jello with whip cream. Moz cheese and tomatoes, which I'm not sure tomatoes are okay or not?

Got on the scale this am and GAINED a freaking 1/2 pound. But, maybe the headaches and the 1/2 pound are residuals from the Period Fairy? I'll check out your site--your pic here looks familiar--I'm sure I've been over there before! Keep me posted on your weight loss challenge... I SOOOO very much need to lose the 20 I've gained back from WW! MM

Dawn said...

I turn the ringer off.

And I've been on Atkins for three years - a way of life now. But I am also diabetic, so it isn't really a choice.

But the pre-period thing doesn't help the carb cravings. I take an extra Prozac to bump my seratonin levels.

Anonymous said...

I hate that; seems every time I succomb to the desire to take a nap, everyone I know calls, and even a few people who have the inability to dial the correct number and end up on the line with me instead. It stinks.

cubmommy said...

Looking forward to hanging out with you this summer. They boys can play together.

There is always low carb beer! I don't even know what that tastes like.