Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Grease Vs. High School Musical

Okay, okay, please forgive me for getting on this topic again, but my kids just yelled to me that GREASE is on ABC Family so I went to watch a few scenes.

Is it cuz I am getting older or do the 'kids' in GREASE look like 30-somethings while the 'kids' in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL definitely look like the right age for high school?

Rizzo looks about 40 in Grease. And Kinicki not so far behind.

Didn't get around to dishing about my dream last night, but did make it to Ajers football camp only about five minutes late today, so I was a hero.

Took SEVEN, yes, count 'em... seven kids to see CARS today. I wasn't looking forward to it, but was entranced... especially when I discovered Luke Wilson had the lead voice. I just closed my eyes and pretended he was on the screen.

Will be taking a short leave of absence coming up as I will be in The Garden of Midnight And Evil soon. Anyone else been there?

xo Manic.


Chrissy said...

Hey, I agree with your Grease impressions.

"Cars"--I took 4 kids, you win! (I had the flu, though)
And, the whole movie changed for me when I figured out the voice was Owen Wilson!! How did I not know that? For the first hour, I thought it was Michael J Fox.

Have fun in the south! C

Kelly said...

LOL about Grease.
I remember thinking that I would look that way in high school and was so PISSED that I still looked my age.

Took my kids to see Cars. At the drive-in, no less. And I liked it. I liked it even more that it didn't matter one lick if my kids screamed their heads off the ENTIRE movie. Which they have been known to do.

You are my hero. SEVEN kids to ONE adult??
You are brave.

Rachel said...

You are so right about Grease. I still love that movie though.

Undercover Mother said...

Seven kids to one movie? No wonder you love Xanax!

We loved Cars, but then we flock to anything Pixar does and buy them the day they come out on DVD.

My sister sat through Grease three times in a row when she was ten. I remember thinking that ONJ's character (Sandy) was much more attractive before they made her up to look like a total slut.

High School Musical was a complete shock to Disney. They had NO idea it would do as well as it did. Not even close. My sister is sending the DVD and CD tomorrow via Amazon so I look forward to joining the trend.

Steve H said...

i think that when grease was made all of the actors were the same age then as i am now...!

Andie said...

yes! everyone in grease is OLD!!! and they are all really OLD now!

I have yet to see this high school musical movie. Must check it out!

Anonymous said...

I live in Augusta which is a couple hours north of where you will be. It is a pretty place, and the haunted houses are cool.

Martini said...

I'm a fan of Grease.

Yes I agree...they were much older than the High School Musical cast.

However, I think we all see ourselves more like the Grease characters in term of age while in high school as opposed to the high school musical cast....wouldn't you agree?

Also....Sandy did not look slutty when transformed. She looked much better than the long flowing dress she was wearing during the race prior to her change.

"Cars" rocked....I'd see it again without kids nonetheless.

Grease is the way we are feeling.....

Anonymous said...

Loved Grease, loved Cars. Owen Wilson was perfect as Lightning!

I only took my son to Cars. I had a good time ;)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Oops, OWEN not Luke... I guess I get them confused.

I think we're all in agreement with our thoughts on Grease... and CARS!

You guys are all just so much fun, and I love checking out the comments to see what friends left messages! Seriously!

Okay, off to pack--brother's wedding in Savannah, but I won't post much on the main blog case someone wants to rob me while I'm gone.

See ya'll soon, and I'll try to come up with more additions to my list when I'm gone! MM

Jaye Wells said...

It wasn't until I was a mom and watched Grease again that I got how sexual that movie was. When I was a kid I just thought I wanted to be like the bad Sandy. I still do.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed you've neglected to share your hot dream? LOL on Grease. How true. How true. Do you think less of me knowing I haven't seen High School musical?

carrie said...

Haven't seen High School Musical or Cars yet (I know, I live under a rock) but I LOVE Grease, and I love that my kids do too - it drives my Husband nuts, but who can't have a good time singin' "we go together like dip da dip da dip do whop a doody do"?


Anonymous said...

Grease is one of the best musicals ever but i agree that all the actors look far too old to be at school. I haven't seen High School Musical yet. I have to wait until christmas for it to be shown on BBC1 in the UK as i don't have the disney channel where it is shown on the 22nd September. It looks really good though and they look the right age.