Thursday, June 22, 2006

StatCounter, Sitemeter, Whatever

I'm just now getting Internet Suave enough (I'm coining that phrase--I like it better than Internet Savvy)to be able to figure out who some of my readers are and how some of you find my blog. Here are a few recent google and yahoo searches that have led people, readers, possible perverts to my blog:

Manic Mom came up as Search #1 for Jack Johnson Living in the Moment.

I'm #7 for anyone who has googled: Tongue Allergy to Cinnamon.

My all-time favorite though is the search someone did for: Lonely At Home Women Looking To Have Sex.

First of all, I'm hardly lonely at home with three kids climbing up and around my uterus every freaking day, and secondly, I AM NOT LOOKING TO HAVE SEX and avoid it when I can (unless of course, I'm at a wedding in a coat room, or the roof of a friend's house, or the stairs to our beach condo, or the front of the car on our way home from a wedding... but, I digress here) usually because I already have three children trying to climb their way back in most days.

Moving along to a couple other points of Blogger Business--I am creating a THOUGHTFUL list for my 100 THINGS, so this is going to take some time and introspection, so please check back and maybe tomorrow I will have #99 figured out, and hopefully it will be a bit more exciting than #100. Thank you all for participating in that. I am interested in your lists too!

ALSO, if you are a serious blogger and I don't have you already listed on my FAVES on the sidebar, and you'd like to be included, just leave a comment with your URL and I'll be updating the sidebar soon, and would love to include you (as long as you're not blogging about kinky porn or gay sex. That's not my style, at least not this month).

Speaking of being Internet Suave, old dingbat Manic Mom just figured out how to change the font colors and fonts on this here bad-boy blog. Took me freaking long enough... And I added my #99 below so read it, and then tell me yours!


Anonymous said...

You realise that you have just fallen for the oldest internet search trick in the book. They make up some search phrase that people have used to get to yoru page then you blog about how odd it is so ensuring it is indexed on those very same odd phrases than you thought were od in the first place.

Oddly I get about 10 hits a month for people looking for "steve".

Anonymous said...

My #99: I am a morning person.

Quick, what's your recipe for apple martini? I might be needing one soon.

Martini said...

Hey...did someone mention martini?

My #99.....I read the paper from back to front....seriously.

Don't know why...just do.

Dawn said...

I remain #1 for "How to make a shank"

I am VERY popular in prisons...

Anonymous said...

When you google Manic Moms who vomit, you are both number one and number two. You know how I love the drunk vomit stories....

Andie said...

oh goodness. you crack me up. I love reading your blog!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

robotjam--I am a sucker. And, is your name Steve? I think I might Google my first name to see where I fall in the rankings!

TRISH--morning person as in you like to be up in the morning or you prefer to have sex in the morning. I am not a morning person, unless it involves wake-up sex.

Appletini recipe--NEVER make it with triple sec or that sweet and sour crap. Strictly Apple Pucker and vodka, that's it. The ratio is up to you, but probably 1/2 each. And a slice of granny smith floating.

r-martini--I knew you were a talent!

Dawn--what is a shank and why are you popular in prison? This, I gotta hear!

Blair--WAY COOL! So glad to see you're still around! Sorry I haven't been able to share any puke stories lately--I've been TOOOO good!

Andie--thanks for always coming over and saying nice things!

Anonymous said...

Manic - no I'm not steve I'm rob my surname is otjam.

What is marmite ?? It's the king of yeast products its actually the bi product of beer brewing that some cunning manufacturer turned into a spread for sandwiches in about 1900.

Its all the dead yeast. Very high in vitamin B12, everyone either loves it or hates it.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Is that kind of like Men At Work's Veggamite sandwich? Sounds yuck. No offense, of course.

Anonymous said...

I'm a morning person as in I like to get up mostly I try to avoid it.

Thanks for the recipe

Chrissy said...

Girl, I really, truly, honestly am begging to be added to your link list. Hope you find my post.