Saturday, June 24, 2006


So, I found out little Allison is FIVE. So, I don't have to kill her.

Just now, Hubby came in and asked, "ARE YOU EMAILING COACH?" We were totally lying in bed this a.m. (Hubby and me, not me and the COACH), and talking about MY crush and HIS crush. Because he majorly crushes on a particular neighbor and I cannot divulge who, because what if a neighbor reads this but I think there's only one neighbor (OKAY, two neighbors) who know this blog exists, and if they tell anyone else in the 'hood, I will KILL them, Okay Robyn and Patti!)

So, I was talking about how hot the coach probably looks without his shirt on, and then asking AJers about where he lives, etc (Coach picked up AJers to go to a baseball game -- that's why he came over -- NOW HE KNOWS WHERE I LIVE!). Then Hubby asked AJers how would he feel if he still lived in the neighborhood with a nice woman and a pool, and that he would still be his daddy but live in a different house.

Then I told him to go for it. Then I wondered aloud if we could possibly be SWINGERS!?!!?

Heavens NO!

So, we both have crushes, and we both know we'd NEVER act on anything like this, we are very moral people and very much in love, but hey, maybe we can do some role-playing some night!

40th surprise party last night was great. Lots of fun, good eats, and I only had ONE applemartini and it was possibly the best one I've ever had: The bartender drizzled caramel all inside the glass, dipped the rim in cinnamon and shook up a knock-down great cocktail. My neighbor had three. Had I had three, I would not be up at noon today typing this. After I had my ONE appletini, I moved on over to those wine spritzer thingies my other neighbor was telling me about: white wine, seltzer, and the chunk-o-lime on ice. I think I had about four of them cuties.

And no real hangover, no puking either (sorry Blair!) Hey Blair, I just realized you love my puke stories and your name is Blair and isn't the chick from Exorcist named Blair--the one who puked pea soup?

Digressing, as usual.

Next up, margarita fiesta party overnighter!

I'm off to add #97 to my list. Oops, I mean #98 because I ended up NOT talking about sexual positions in that one like I mentioned I might have. So, #98 has just been added. This is a slow introspective process, creating a list of 100 Things.

Hope you all are having a fabulous summer afternoon! xo Manic


Anonymous said...

Your blog got a huge review!! Congrats!!! Great work!! We love your blog here in Australia!!!


carrie said...

IF I ever get to go out with the girls, I am DEFINITELY having one of those appletinis! They sound soooo much better than the ones I make at home with some weird mix from Harry & David!


Anonymous said...

You know, I never realized the connection between my name, puke and The Exorcist. To complicate matters further, my Mom's name is Linda - so we really are Linda Blair.

I just don't understand - it is summer time - you simply must make time to "get your drink on"

xxxx said...

I can TOTALLY picture you and Hubby having this conversation and I am CRACKING UP! I love your relationship. It's so funny.

Anonymous said...

Okay, your blog feed is seriously broken. I just read Friday's post and commented on it, thinking it was the most recent. Oops. Now off to read what I've missed.

Anonymous said...

Without reading previous posts your blog makes almost no sense at all.

I suggest at the start of each entry you do a what happened previously. Just like they do on 24 with Keifer Sutherland (its ever so exciting but I've never seen him take a toilet break in any episode which kind of makes it less realistic for me).

robotjam said...

Oh I'm #496 for steve on google.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Blog Reviews--What does this mean? Is this a random person going around rating blogs?

RR--THANK YOU! If I ever am lucky enough to travel to Australia, can I stay with you?!?!? : )

Carriebrett--make one at home but skip the Harry & David--probably tastes like a Tom COllins or Margarita, huh?

Blair--YOu know I love to 'get my drink on' (Great phrase--you should coin it!), but I don't LOVE the day after!

Swish--I'm sure Hubby probably had one or two fantasies about you babe! (I have! LOL!!!!) URA... you know!

Caryn--I don't even know what a blog feed is! Hope it's working now?

RobotJam--I don't stop to pee either!

Anonymous said...

You've got it a place to stay, yummy food and lots of Margarita's.

Hop on over!!!


xxxx said...

HA! Yeah, but then he found out I wasn't a lesbian! LOL.

Mama Kelly said...

that has to be the best sounding apple martini EVER

i wouldve had to have gone back for a 2nd one