Monday, December 26, 2005

Exhale, Deep Sigh, Breathe...

It's over. Ahhhhh.

Just take it all in. The wrapping paper, the boxes, the cardboard crap, the ornaments, the lights, the tree, the holiday candles, and say Ahhhhh.

How terrible is it that I've already started taking down a few decorations? Please, no bah humbugging the Manic. No throwing stones at me! It wasn't intentional. Actually, it is all hubby's fault, but I'll get to why later. First off, a recap of the past few days...

Thursday, we went to a wine-tasting party that was pretty interesting. Most of the guys there wanted to taste other champagne than what was offered by the Sommolier or whatever that guy is called, the Wine Guy. The guys at the party wanted the Champagne of Beers--High Life, Miller Style.

And I have to say, at the past four or five social events, I have done what I haven't done in a while and I'm pretty proud of myself. I have stayed in control. I have not gotten wasted. I have not fallen into Christmas trees, which is more than I can say for some people attending the same events as I. I have not spent the whole next day recovering over a toilet bowl wishing for death. It's been quite refreshing.

And, after New Year's Eve, I am going on a drinking sabbatical. Pick yourself off the floor, but yes, I am going to attempt to not drink for a while. I have yet to determine if that "for a while" is a week or two, or a month or two, but, it's something I've been thinking about and well, it's a place to start.

Anyway, after the wine-tasting party, we had a family day and did the Chicago thing. We've been back here more than a year, and the kids have yet to see Chicago up close and personal. Well, we took the train into the city, toured Sears Tower (rip-off),

the kids took their first taxi ride, we went to Millenium Park and saw the Bean, and to top off the day, we actually rode the Ferris Wheel in the middle of winter!

That night, we went to neighbors' for a great dinner and lots of liquor, but I still held my own, even though some of the guests ended up playing Capture The Flag late night but that's all I can say about that evening.

Christmas Eve we went to church. Oh my gosh, can you believe Manic is R.E.L.I.G.I.O.U.S? Shhh, don't blow my cover, but I love God and Jesus and even went to Catholic school for 11 years (one of those years, a most impressionable one, was spent at a Catholic All-Girl's School -- Boy, are the secrets being revealed tonight or what???). While we're at it, with the religious confessions, I might as well tell you during those Catholic School years, I was chosen to play The Virgin Mary (yes, that virgin) in our Seventh Grade performance of the night Jesus was born. I didn't have any words to say, because apparently, when Mary gave birth to Jesus, nothing happened--maybe the stable boy upped her epidural early on in the evening, because you gotta believe she didn't do that in a stable, surrounded by stinky animals, and hay, and other crap and not have any sort of mind-altering or pain-killing substances to get her through all that!

Digressing here, but, when the play was over, I had to stand and walk out in the procession and when I stood up, I realized my feet had fallen asleep and were all prickly pins-and-needles because the only thing I had been doing for the past 45 minutes was sitting on my knees holding a plastic doll and no blood was being circulated to my lower extremeties. So, I nearly fell off the stage and passed out. Impressionable I tell you.

Christmas morning... well, Christmas Eve, it was a bitch to get Ajers to bed because he is now at that eight-year-old-I-am-very-doubtful-Santa-Can-Hit-All-Those-Houses-In-One-Night-So-I'm-Going-To-Stay-Awake-All-Night stage. Hubby had to sleep with Ajers in the guest bedroom and I think this was one of the first Christmas Eves I have slept alone, in a very, very long time. I woke up in the bed sideways.

So, long story long, and I'm sorry I'm boring you all, but I'm sitting in my New Chair Hubby got me for Christmas, and while it certainly is not the two carat each diamond stud earrings I requested, it might as well be because his faith in my desire to write is just as good! See, he purchased my brand-new ergonomically correct and comfy office chair, a new desk lamp so I can see when I'm writing (which I have forgotten to put on, I just realized) and a new end table so I can put more files and notes and spirals into and not have piles of crap all over the office floor.

And do you know why he purchased these things for me? Because he believes in me, and he believes in my desire to be a published author someday, and his belief just sparks more desire in me to work harder at finding my dream agent, of getting my book in perfect order and of getting a two-book, six-digit (okay, I'll settle for five) publishing contract. And the gifts he has given me might as well be those honking diamond earrings because as soon as I get my first advance for whatever first book I happen to sell, whether it's 40 Weeks or some other unknown novel stuck in the back of my head, or half-written on a spiral, you can bet your bootie that I'm going out and buying myself those damned earrings!

So, that is why I have started taking down decorations. Because Hubby got me some great presents in order to get my writing life organized, and it just so happens that I had to do some cleaning in my office, which led to removing the tree in here, which led to taking down some ornaments, which led to....

It's kind of like that If You Give A Mouse A Cookie book, except this one is called, If You Give Manic A New Chair For Her Office...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if you're wondering what the real meaning of it all is, I learned it on Christmas Eve at the children's service at our church. It's three little words, and they are: I. Forgive. You.

Which, I really didn't understand. I thought he was going to say I Love You, but the whole I. Forgive. You. thing will work because I'll just tell the kids that's what it means and then if they are fighting they'll just have to stop because then I'll just have to threaten them with the words we learned at Christmas church and if they don't forgive each other, then they can bet their little asses there will not be any presents the next year because that's what the Pastor said at church!

And is it too early to start in on the:
"You better watch it! Santa comes in only 363 more days!" ???


Dear Jane... said...

the ferris wheel in winter? crazy. I am freezing here in my sweats at the computer desk. enjoyed the photos. I, too have sworn off drinking a number of times. But I it never seems to last very long with me. Maybe you'll have better luck.

cubmommy said...

You are right I am kind of glad it is over. There was a lot of stress this year. I think today I will put the decorations up.

It is so nice that your Hubby is really supportive. I think it is sweet. I wish you luck in getting published! I would read your book.

I have lived in Chicago for 7 years and I have never gone up the Sears Tower. Glad to no I haven't missed anything.

Your children are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful post. And we just missed each other in the city - our family went down on Thursday to do the whole "Chicago during Christmas thing!" The weather was perfect both days, though. (We didn't go to the top of the Sears Tower, but we did sit in the Signature Room lounge in the top of the Hancock and sip drinks - the kids, naturally, sipped soft drinks - and watched the lights flick on all over the city.)

Anyway, you have a wonderful hubby and I say, "Go, go, go! Write that novel that finally sells! You can do it!"

AfricaBleu said...

I had my period on Christmas, and by Christmas night, E-V-E-R-Y T-H-I-N-G Christmasy was GONE, baby.

So, no, I don't think your terrible. Ho, frikkin ho.