Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fat Girl

I see the Fat Girl
coming slowly
appearing in the hips
and thighs,
anxious for seven-layer bars
and butterscotch
Christmas cookies.

While she is
pleasant enough,
(some would agrue,
"She's jolly!")
She's not the person
I want to be around,
to spend time with,
to share my cookies with.

I'd rather sit
with the girl
who worked so hard,
to shed
the outer layer,
of comfort,
of hidden consequences
and appearance.

The one who thought
about everything,
took responsibilities
and willpower, and
made them hers.

She's still there.
I can see her if
I look hard enough.
She is the happy one;
not the other.

I don't want to lose her,
after I've fought
so hard
to find her.


Doug Bagley said...

About good boys making important Kangaroos, what do bad boys make? LOL

Doug Bagley said...

Oh, that's a great post. Very creative and insightful. Thanks

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Geesh, it's not even hot of the press and you've commented!

Ha, great Word Verification here... doesn't even need to be made into a sentence. Say this like a southerner...

Day-aymn, that hurt me bad! I'm laughing at myself right now.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing -- I felt so good after I lost 20 pounds, yet I don't have the willpower anymore to stop from sucking down every sweet/fattening thing that I get a whiff of. I need to remember that even if I feel "deprived" emotionally (through lack of food) while on a diet, I feel soooo much better about myself in other ways (clothes fit, feel sexy, etc.) It's a challenge! Glad to see I'm not alone.

Dear Jane... said...

I try to eat a little before I go out to holiday stuff, so I am not ravenous when I arrive. Or, I just stick to the liquid diet all evening & don't eat at all...

Anonymous said...

WOW I needed that...

Shannin said...

oh girl, did i ever relate to every word of that! very, very nicely done... i think we all needed that now... i think we all need that every day... thank you :)