Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Super Mom and Manic Mom Lunch Together!

Manic Mom is lunching with Super Mom today. I'm really nervous. I hope I don't spill red sauce on my top, and if I do, I hope Super Mom doesn't whip out her Swiffer right then and there to clean the mess up. I will be mortified!

If you have a mom, are a mom, know a mom, and are in need of a great gift for those Moms in your life, go out and get Confessions of Super Mom for her. And no, I have not be monetarily endorsed to say such a thing. You know Manic Mom - she just tells it like it is, and this is a really fun read! Especially the part about the kid puking and Super Mom is reprimanding him, yet trying to comfort him at the same time.

Of course, if it were Manic Mom, she'd probably sit down right next to the kid puking and tell him, "Honey, been there, done that; I feel your pain." Then grab the bottle and do a shot, but of course, "Confessions of Manic Mom" has yet to be contracted by an agent as of yet. Or written, so that might just have to wait.


Heather Hansen said...

I think you have something there. You SHOULD write a book on being a Manic Mommy. That could be a good read.

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