Monday, December 12, 2005

Two Words


Okay, that was six words but already I feel better. I just am so not into the commercialism of this holiday it is driving me insane, crazy, nutso.

What is there to look forward to in lugging crap up from the basement, putting up a tree that is a hodge-podge looking thing that I put so many damn strands of lights on it looks like I used green duct tape all over the branches, plus it's fake anyway. It's pathetic.

Then there's thinking about the presents I've yet to get, the presents I've yet to figure out who I need to buy for, the presents I need to wrap, the presents I need to mail, the presents I need to return already because they're not the right items.

I'm sorry, but I am just so not into this. I could be spending my time doing other, more productive things, and don't anyone suggest a soup kitchen or I will scream!

I am doing too much eating of crap -- gorging myself on stupid cookies that aren't even homemade, and then feeling totally gross after eating them. I am not doing any of the writing I want to be doing. I am not... ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I just feel like screaming. I just wish there was some way to get more out of this. The craziness of the gift-giving, crap everywhere, then you have to clean it all up. And then you have to get those damn little twisty-things off the freaking Barbie dolls and trucks and Rescue Heroes that make your fingers hurt so badly because some little evil person invented those things to make moms and dads angry.

I just want it to be all over. Does this make me a horrible person? Don't answer if you're going to say yes.



Kelly said...

Totally doesn't make you a horrible person... It makes you a real person.
I am right there with you.
Bah Humbug.
I just got a plate full of donut holes (homemade i think). So nice of the person, but what the?
Did I ask for my ass to grow a foot or two for Christmas?
No. I didn't.

J C said...


oh, wait a minute - you said NOT to answer with a "yes"

haha...just kidding MM

i think you're missing the whole point of this wonderful time of the year, which is easy to do and i'd be willing to bet that MOST people DO miss the point

ya know what - don't worry about how many cookies you eat during Christmas - eat more - enjoy them

don't worry about getting the perfect gift for every single person you can think of - just think about that person and what they mean to your life

celebration is the point of all of this - even if you don't believe in the reason why Christmas exists, well you can still celebrate life, love, happiness, and family

burn a CD with all the traditional Christmas songs - jewel does beautiful renditions of "silent night", "joy to the world" and "o holy night" - lonestar does "little drummer boy" wonderfully - and throw a little sinatra in there for good measure

listen to it while you're cooking those cookies, or wrapping those presents, or whatever

it makes me sad seeing all these people get lost in the commercial madness of the season

step back - get perspective, and love the beautiful things

Unknown said...

I totally understand
me too

cubmommy said...

j holden has a great point. I was totally stressing out over the holiday and I had to stop myself and make everything easy and enjoy the moment.

It is just going to be the four of us here at Christmas so instead of making a big meal we are starting our own tradition of a Christmas pizza. That way we can enjoy the day.

By the way don't worry about all the stuff you are eating that is what the new year is for starting over. So enjoy the next couple of weeks!

Sugarmama said...

I hate those twisty things. How about gift certificates, at least for the non-kids in your family? Or magazine subscriptions where you just mail in those litte card-thingies? It's a really easy way to ruin your month if trips to the mall are on your horizon. (You should see mommygoth's hilarious post on this today: ) And I'm with cubmommy--don't worry about the holiday gorging til later. That's an even easier way to ruin your month!

Randy said...

Oh, don't get me started. It's so hard to hold on to the joy that was Christmas when we were young, huh? Now it just feels like a job. We bust our butts to get the shopping done, presents wrapped and mailed, cards addressed, stamped, and sent, Xmas treats baked...and, I don't even have kids or a husband to take care of so I can imagine what a stressful time this is for you moms.

I say, go with what you got. USE those kids to find the spirit of Christmas. Have you taken them to see Santa yet? Can they help decorate the house? Help make the cookies? If I had kids, I'd try to live vicariously through them...the kick I'd get out of Xmas would be from watching their memories form and grow like mine did.

Don't get me wrong--the holidays aren't a total loss. At least you usually get to go to some fairly good parties, then there's New Years (I'm one of those people who make a big deal of it--this year, Vegas! Woo Hoo!)...and then right around the corner, the light at the end of the Winter tunnel begins to glow dimly in the distance.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Thanks guys! You all totally cheered me up and kicked my ass into knowing what is important! I'm grateful you're all around to bring me good holiday cheer!

I'm even working on my Xmas card right now!


Anonymous said...

I don't stress at all anymore... my whole family takes a blase approach and no else matters.... we just don't do it the commercial stressed way... we gift each other all year round and don't double up just for christmas...