Monday, December 05, 2005

What Would You Do?

Let's say you were at the grocery store and all of a sudden, you look down by the money machine and you spot a ten dollar bill. A quick shoulder-to-shoulder glance indicates to you that no one else is around, no one else has spotted it, no one is searching for missing money.

Do you pick it up and pocket it?

Do you take it over to the in-store bank and ask if anyone has lost money, even though you know the guy will say, "I'll keep it here in case someone comes looking for it" and then he keeps it anyway?

Do you stand there with money in hand and wait for someone to come claim it?

Do you pocket it but then feel guilty as if you have stolen money?

Do you go straight to Starbucks for a grandenonfatsugarfreevanillalatte and a hot cocoa and cookie for your kid who stayed home from school because she 'kind of' felt sick this a.m.?


J C said...

ya know....a peppermintmochafrappaccino would SOOOOOO be a better choice

Kelly said...

Shamefully I would probably pocket it and then feel guilty.
This actually happens to me a lot and I always stuggle with the moral-ness of it all.... and I still end up pocketing it.
I am a bad bad person.

cubmommy said...

Yeah I probably would pocket it. I know that is horrible. I would probably buy something for the boys with it.

Every penny counts in this household.

tommy said...

I'm with Anna, I would give it to charity. I've done enough stuff already to send me to straight to Hell. I have to stop now or they'll bury me below Hell.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Okay, Anna and Tommy, you are making me feel guilty! I considered dropping it in the Salvation Army bell ringer guy's thingamagig, but he looked kinda shady, like he might then pocket it himself.

J Holden -- I'm up for the peppermint mocha but not the frap--it's freaking snowing out! Fraps are for warm weather only!

Haven't done word verification in a while:
Real Moms Even Should Hug Guys

Misti said...

mmmm, i would go to starbucks for sure.
I donate to charity already.
finding money is what makes all that money i lost not so bad.

her master said...

You're not a bad person. If you find a $10 bill on the floor, pick it up, count yourself lucky, and do whatever you want with it. No reason to feel guilty about anything.

Look, I'm the kinda guy who will tell the cashier that she gave me too much change back, or that she skipped charging me for an item (unless I'm already out the door and near my car), but it's not like you found a wallet with an id.

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Sugarmama said...

Heh. I spotted a $20 in the parking lot of Target once and as I reached down to grab it, already seeing visions of tasty treats for myself, my 7-year old swooped in under me and nabbed it first. She was quite vocally triumphant, as I recall. I was so miffed it didn't even occur to me to debate with her the morality of keeping it or trying to locate the owner in the parking lot. I say keep it.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jennie--that was a classic WV! Awesome!

BTW, that money is long gone by now. But I did throw a couple coins into the Salv. Army tin today.

Modigliani said...

I think small amounts of cash strewn about like garbage are just little gifts coming your way. If it's a large amount, or an intact wallet ... that's a whole different story.