Thursday, October 26, 2006

Addendum to Previous Post

Please note:
I * H A V E * O N L Y * B E E N * M A R R I E D * O N C E.

So far.

My husband claims his second wife is only in the eighth grade so he's stuck with me for a few more years.


Kari Lee Townsend said...

You walked into that one, sista;))) With a post that long and the disclaimer at the bottom, you were bound to get some, "What? Manic has been married twice?" Hee, hee, you love getting into trouble, don't you. Snort.

g. said...

yeah yeah yeah I got it, it was a lie :) har har har


Lady Apple said...

ok...i just posted my reply to being tagged...come check it out!

xxxx said...

LOL ... Hubby is hilarious!

Trish Ryan said...

yep, you left that door WIDE open :)

For technical reasons, I think we should tag you again - there's no way I buy the idea that you need to make stuff up to come up with 5 interesting things to tell us about yourself (or, as the meme changed form - 5 things you wouldn't say at a cocktail party). As the board game says, return to home. Do not pass "go," do not collect $200. :)

kim said...

Your husband is funny.

My hubby knows I have an Ashton Kutcher in waiting.

Kate said...

He sounds like my hubby's long-lost twin. Although, do I have more or less job security already being the 2nd wife? Although I'm only like 6 months older than my predecessor so do I just need to fear those born in the first part of 1975?

And if Giada di Laurentiis is ever single, there will be a cat fight at my house over her. I wouldn't blame him if he won--I'd just be jealous. Of him.