Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back In The Day

We ran into a fellow football player of hubby's this weekend at our college homecoming, and you know how there's that initial recognition factor you have when you see someone you know you know but you're not sure what the connection is.

Well, when I figured out how I knew this one guy, leave it to me to blurt out, "Oh yeah! I know who you are! Remember, I left my earrings and watch in your room!"

He looked over at hubby for a minute, who was immersed in a conversation with another guy he played football with, so to ease the tension, I blurt out, "Oh, don't worry about it! He knows we fooled around!"

Blurt. Blurt. Blurt. Open mouth, whatever comes out, comes out.

Flashback to February 1990: It was the weekend after I had met hubby, and hey, he hadn't called me, and I was not one to be all depressed sitting around waiting for the phone to ring for a guy I had just met the weekend previously.
(I can assure you right this moment that S and S, my college roomies and readers of this blog, are yelling BULLSHIT at the computer screen. They had to live through real-life Manic Depression!).

Anyway, we girls went out to "Scamnesia" (Amnesia was really the name of the bar, but who the hell could remember?!), and I hooked up with this guy and we were dancing and he even tried to get away from me, accusing me of dating hubby, and scared to be with me because he thought hubby and I were 'official.' I was like, "No way, he didn't call me."

So, that's how I ended up at this guy's place the week after I met hubby. But at the time there were no discussions, no promises that hubby had his sights set on me. Hell, he didn't even call me. I was a free agent.

So, really, technically, this guy was the last guy I ever, um... kissed as a single woman. Unless you really think it's fair to consider anything that happens in Daytona during Spring Break legitimate?

Later, in the stands during the game, I said to hubby, "Did you hear what I said to Dave?"


"I reminded him that I left my earrings and watch at his place!"

"Ha, did you really say that?"


The cool thing about hubby is he's just so cool. He puts up with me and my shit. And laughs at all the stupid things I do. We had so much fun at the game. It's awesome to go back to the place where you first fell in love, to remember what it was like when the only thing you had to worry about was whether you felt like ditching a class to go to the bar instead.

We ran into some other guys we knew too, and when they asked what we've been up to, hubby answered, "She's still a whore."

And we all cracked up.

Now, you might think, "Oh my God, how completely disrespectful of him to say that." But this is how we are with one another - we constantly joke and play around, and he'll call me that, but believe me, I call him much worse, and we just have fun with it and know we love each other incredibly, and know that when the kids are out of the house, we're still going to have fun with each other, and if he's lucky, I'll still be his whore.


xxxx said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! That guy's probably having some nice flashbacks tonight!

Manic and Hubby really are so funny together, everyone. You can tell they like each other, which is a lot rarer than you'd think! They totally crack me up.

Anonymous said...

hehe, sounds like fun, I like reminiscing on very few occasions! There's a LOT to block out lol. I'm heading back to my home town three times between now and xmas, so will be interesting to see who I run into. It's not exactly a 'town', more of a city, but sometimes it feels like the smallest place in the world! I can't wait to see my best friend though, and her two and a half kids!

Steve H said...

having just gotten bck from my high school reunion i loved hearing about your trip.

Angel said...

You are lucky, Manic. sounds like a lot of fun was had by all.

Unknown said...

hehehe great story Manic...and not to worry none of us, your loyal readers, will hold it against you that you were a whore back long as you are just your hubby's whore now....that's really what counts!!

Just sayin'


And yes it's been great reading yours and hotwires accounts of this a common time of year for them in the States???

TTQ said...

Instead of linking to you as MM can I start using Whore? It might triple your readers... Every circle of women has one..Like Samantha on Sex in the City, Meredith or Addison on Grey's Anatomy...
Oh course that menas I have to take whatever you dish out in retaliation...

Trish Ryan said...

I cannot wait to see "Manic Mom's Guide Marriage" coming soon to a bookstore near you!

It will be a welcome change of pace there amidst the endless volumes saying, "Really, what you need to do is communicate."

Manic Mom's fresh new advice: "Really, what you need to do is lighten up and have some fun!"

Good stuff - glad to hear you and hubby had a nice weekend!

The Dummy said...

Now that's love! :)

Sugarmama said...

Ha! I think your husband sounds hysterical! It's nice to have that kind of ease with each other, no?

Anonymous said...


I love reunions. They're so fun! Actually, my mini ebook, SHE'S GOT LEGS is about a reunion. :)

1 plus twins said...

that is too funny. that is so great that you and hubby can be like that. laughter is so key!!

Jess Riley said...

That's how you know it's true love. ;)

BlondeBrony said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

You are very lucky to have such a great guy.

Anonymous said...

I totally didn't think he was being disrespectful. It's great that he's so secure and has a sense of humor!

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Hubby met my first, ah, the first guy I ever, um, well you know at my 25th hs reunion this year. They talked about golf, golf holes (my radar went up when I overheard "but that was the BEST hole.")and golf courses. I'd met hubby's ex-fiancee without a scandal and Mark returned the favor. My hub, like your hub, is DIVISION I all the way.


Anonymous said...

I can see that we all think far less of you now... It sounds like you had a great time.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

I love revisiting the past. All my friends run into people we used to know, but I never seem to. So when I do, it's awesome.

Yay, Manic and hubby like each other. Love that. When you've been married for as long as I have and at such a young age, liking each other is sooo important.

Save Sheila said...

My hubby is like that, too. He's the best thing that ever happened to me (besides my kid). I love your blog!

Andie said...

you crack me up.

Kate said...

It's refreshing to read someone who really and truly enjoys her hubby and vice-versa. Being a technical newlywed, I want to believe that not everyone hates their spouse with a passion.

And I suppose more marriages would be a lot happier if the husband embraced the whore in their wife.