Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Guess The Category; Shouldn't Be Too Hard!

List inspired from Eileen Cook. Check her out, she's awesome.

The hairy back thing.

And little snippets of dried crusted saliva on the corners of his lips.

Bad breath.

Crooked teeth.

An overtly obnoxious flirty mannerism with other women.

Man Boobs.

Nose hair.

Ear hair.

A cheesy-looking mustache.

Silk shirts open too low with too much chest hair hanging out, and gold chains.


Bad sense of humor.

Thinking everything he said was funny.

A man who didn’t know how to unload the dishwasher…

Or iron.

Or kiss.

Or make me feel special and beautiful on days I’m clearly feeling insecure.

Someone who listens to country music 24/7.

Someone who listens to rap music 24/7.

Or Jazz.

Or Hip Hop.

Have some diversity.

Old guys in red convertibles trying to look twenty-something.

The guy who INSISTS he’s got the bill, when you’re out with a group.

A guy who drinks wine coolers.

A guy who drinks pink cocktails, unless they are pink because it’s a Red Bull and Vodka (Oh wait, Red Bull is kind of yellowish, no?)

A bragger.

A muscleman.

A guy with too much jewelry.

A guy who cares more about his shoes than I do.

A guy with too much cologne.

A guy who chews tobacco.

A guy who spits.

A guy who swears too much.

A guy who belittles his girlfriend/wife/date in front of others.

Can you add more?


Anonymous said...

I think you are pretty awesome too....

Trish Ryan said...

So wait, is this the "things you look for in a guy" list, or the "qualities that indicate good mental health" list?

For me, it reads like the "guys I dated before I met my husband" list. ACK!

LDR said...

Can I add more?

The one who refers to himself in third person while having a conversation.

The one who wants to know where you are every moment of the day.

The obsessive.



Emotionally broken.

The bad combovers.

and even worse Just For Men hair dyers.

The sneezy-snort laughers.

The lecherous starers.

yeah.... I can ad to the list...