Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Well, nothing has changed over here at Manic's house:

The house is still a D.U.M.P., and now I'm even proclaiming it so.

I didn't do any laundry today.

I didn't miraculously awaken on January 1, 2007 with a svelte new bod and a cheery attitude (although, from recent posts, it didn't matter if I had a svelte new body, and I actually was cheered up).

The kids are STILL HOME FROM SCHOOL UNTIL JANUARY 8. Thank you Mr. School District Superintendent or whoever came up with this bright idea to extend THEIR holiday.

I continue to diet.

I continue to think about all types of foods.

I continue to cheat a teeny bit on my continuous diet.

I am still querying agents, getting a handful of requests from agents, and sending out partials or fulls to interested agents -- same as I did last year.

I am still not diligently sitting my ass in the chair and writing fiction.

I have however, created a new "Children-Points-System" that has been tested now for two days, and we're having some success with it. I give each child 50 points to start out with (will determine if that's a realistic number or not). If they fight, or whine, or make an ugly face; if they don't do what they're told to after the second warning; if I find their socks behind the door; if Tuke is beating the heck out of his sister or brother; whatever ... if they do something that annoys me, or pisses me off, or makes me want to yell, then they get a point removed from their 50.

If they do something unexpectedly kind, or help with laundry, or the garbage, or if they do something they know they should without being asked, then they gain a point.

It's still TBD what will happen at the end of the week. Maybe the points will each be worth a dime, guaranteeing five dollars if they just exist for that week. Who knows, but so far, this is one resolution I would like to stick to. I'm tired of being the "kick-her-in-the-face-and-do-whatever-we-want-to-with-no-regards-for-mom" mommy.

Although that makes it seem like I am raising terrible children here, which I most certainly am not. They just need a little more discipline from the Mom side of the Mom-Dad combo. We'll see how it goes.

Finally, because it was so darn beautiful here for a January day, and because the kids knew the POINTS were in effect, they let me sleep until a really unfair-for-a-mother-of-three-children hour (wait, does that even make sense?), and when I got up, I was kindly informed they had all eaten breakfast AND cleaned up the basement, so I decided we needed a trip to the zoo! (After all, it is free-zoo day on Tuesdays in the winter.

When we reached the parking attendant (Because of course, free-zoo day does not include the eight bucks to park), I happily greeted the old geezer happily taking people's money.

We exchanged pleasantries--beautiful day for the zoo! Warmer in the sun! Happy New Year! Have a great day!

I roll up the window and when I'm looking for a place to park, Ajers grins over at me and says, "Mom?"

Me: "Yeah?"

AJers: "We're you hitting him?"

Me: "What!?!?"

Ajers: "You know," and he kind of grins some more, nudge-nudge-wink-wink..."hitting him..."

Me: "You mean, was I hitting ON him!?!?!?! Good Lord, Ajers, he was a geezer, I was just being nice!"

Ajers: "Yeah, but he could have been in a disguise!"

Who needs the monkeys at the zoo when you have Ajers for entertainment?


xxxx said...


Whatever, your kids are soooo good. But I like the points idea! Will you give me points for YOU KNOW WHAT? Ha ha.

JT said...

Never really done the point thing, but sort of did a reward system. You clean your room, get your homework done, do your dishes, clean your messes and well, I'll say yes to most anything. Actually, the rule is, everyday, get your chores done, and you can play with friends, otherwise, stuck in the house.

I have been known to unplug the internet and take cell phones away.

Not to rub it in again, but my kids went back to school yesterday! Yeah me.

Save Sheila said...

Kids can be the funniest! My son is also on a behavioral modification trial. So far, so good. He's an even worse slob than me, which is pretty bad. But no siblings to pound on, so at least I don't have to worry about that. He's basically a really good kid, but he's getting mouthy and rude. Not acceptable! And my house is a dump, but no one notices but me!

AngelHawk said...

good call on the point system- i hate to say it but I have no control over my little ones- they only pause briefly from killing each other to notice tht I am threatening them - then resume the mayhem ( sigh) and I have to admit they are wonderful little monsters but some days you just can't win- I have never been so happy as I was this morning- the bus pulled away with a smiling first grader and the littlest one slept in till 10! Happy new year to me!!! PS if the points system works for your I'm all for stealing your idea- lol

Unknown said...

Ajers! How funny!

The point system sounds interesting. I've never head of it. Maybe you should sell this idea on Ebay? Hm??

And don't feel too bad. I haven't done much of anything in my house either. My husband cleaned the house on Saturday, my kids haven't been here, so, I have done nothing! LOL I LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

Have you no shame? Hitting on the zoo geezer in front of your kids. That is a point deduction for sure.

Trish Ryan said...

You hadn't mentioned that flirting with parking lot attendants for discount parking was part of your resolutions...go manic :)

Frannie Farmer said...

Ajers is King! Seriously, that boy has a career in comedy. But with a Mom like Manic how could he not?

There is a program out there called Accountable Kids, it's called the Positive Parenting Program (www.accountablekids.com) and is pretty much based on the points system .. but it really lays it out there and gives you a guideline for the points, rewards and reprimands .. anyway, I haven't started it yet (a resolution?) but I know a few who have and they love it. I think it might be Christian based ... something to look at if you want a guide.
Ah, now you are motivating me to do something about it! My kids aren't 'bad' either but they don't actually DO anything.

OhTheJoys said...

Points... you'll have to keep me posted on how that goes...

THe only points I know are the effing weight watchers ones.

p.s. I owe you an e-mail, but am buried ALIVE in CHILDREN!!

Drewpy Drew said...

But you never answered the question. Were you hitting on the geezer?

TTQ said...

My My kids grow up quick. Soon you can start threatning to show his dates pics of him naked when he was a baby.

Unknown said...

Hitting on a guy disguised as a geezer? You can't buy stories like that one.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Too funny. Ajers is a riot. And I need a point system myself. Your kids are home, you took them to the zoo, and still found time to blog. You go, girl!!!

1 plus twins said...

i am gonna try that point system that sounds wonderful. thanks for the good advice! oh my god that zoo story conversation is priceless!! thanks for the laugh this morning!

kissmekate said...

Ok so I have booked the flights for my kids.....you will just need to pick them up from the airport.

And when you have successfully taught them your points system let me know and I will book their return flights home.

Just don't forget to send the instruction manual home with them!

Now Ajers..... that is so funny!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Kate -- LOL. I'll send you mine if you send me yours!

So far, the kids are ahead of the Points game. Now I just have to figure out a reward... Oh yeah, I know, they get to live in our house.

Karen said...

Too funny! I used to have a points system with my kids. I'd say it worked moderately well. Mostly because ALL of us were inconsistent - me and the kids. Now that they're teens, we joke about it all the time. College boy will call home to report a good grade and I'll say: "Good job! I'll give you a point for that!"

Hi from finally chilly Wisconsin!