Monday, January 29, 2007

T-Minus Five Days

Not much to report here these days. Still counting points, eating tons of fiberous beans in order to 'colon-cleanse' the ala natural way. Seems to be working; just don't call me Toilet Clogger kids. Thanks.

And, dear Hubby voted for this suit top

and his reasonings were purely male. My breasts didn't stay in place in that top, so I felt mildly uncomfortable, because while I may be a Manic Mom, I don't think I've flashed many folks since Daytona Spring Break, 1988 (and please, dear Clemson frat boys from the next-door balcony, if you have those photos still, I'd love them back!)

And, when I reconsidered florally-red-rose-combo-with-sarong

I decided I am just not a florally-red-rose-kinda girl with sheer sarong.

Nope, I'm a busy-pattern-on-top-to-draw-the-eyes-away-from-the-bottom-type swimsuit girl so I am going with this one:

Diva likes it best anyway. And speaking of Diva, have you seen the way, way, way cute suits for little girls? I am living vicariously through her and buying her a bunch of cute little girl suits she can prance around in.

So, thanks everyone for 'WEIGHING' in on your bathing suit choices. I really appreciated it. And I'm still counting those points in the hopes that somehow, miraculously 25 pounds will dissolve in a matter of five days. It's possible right?

OK, so I know that's not going to happen. I am going to Cabo, will indulge in margaritas and fun froofy poolside cocktails, and walk the beach daily in the hopes of simply NOT GAINING while I'm gone (although if I do gain two pounds while I'm there, I won't freak out)... and when I get back, it's right back where I left it, with working out and Weight Watchers because my birthday will be two months away and that is my new goal since I flubbed the 'vacation-weight-loss' goal, we'll try for the 'birthday-weight-loss' goal and if that one doesn't work out, we will shoot for the 'summertime-weight-loss' goal, and after that, it'll be the 'twenty-year-oh-my-God-high-school-reunion-weight-loss' goal!

So, you see, I've got plenty to work for, and hey, maybe I'll even be able to make up a 'first-time-author-signing-novels-weight-loss-goal' sometime in the future too!

Plenty to look forward to! Plenty!

Peace Up (as Tukey so coolly said to his preschool classmate the other day!)... What the heck is Peace Up!?!?


KIM :-) said...

Great choice! I actually picked the one your husband went for (for obvious other reasons), but I like that one, too! :-) And if you can manage to melt away 25 pounds in 5 days, I want your secret and FAST! :-) You'll have fun and it won't matter once you get down there and are drinking Bahama Mamas (my drink of choice) in the pool!! :-)

xxxx said...

Love that one ... totally cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love the suit! It's all about sleight of hand, or breast, or whatever ;) And how your body looks is a work in progress...I'll bet anything even those few pounds that have come off so far are noticeable by their absence in a bathing suit! You'll look better and better for each successive event, instead of having to dread happy occasions because you weren't giving your health the kind of attention it needed.

Yay-men on the 20-year reunion...are we the same age? My HS reunion is in 2009. I had a meh haircut, big glasses and a fairly flat chest last time most of these people saw me! Actually, in 5 weeks I'm going back East to see friends from my junior high (a different county than my HS) and boy are they never gonna recognize me!

a WW question for many points are in cough syrup, and how many activity points do you get if you cough for 6 hours straight??

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

LOL on the cough syrup and coughing all night long! SHould be a good ab workout!

Unknown said...

Love your choice, and I'm sure you will look great in it!

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Don't forget the Back-of-the-Book Photo Opp goal!!! Oh and the Starting-my-book-tour goal...

Screw it. Get sloshed and wear a sarong!

Stacy said...

I like your choice best too.

The floral one above it was very pretty as well, but I think a girl would tire of bright red and pink flowers very quickly. Probably on day two.

Have fun!

Nancy French said...

Love it!

Aprilynne Pike said...

Hey! I'm way late on this bandwagon, but congrats on your new agent and all the writing news. I'm still waiting for that final okay before mine goes out on submission . . . so I'm jealous!:)

Good Luck and have fun in Cabo! (I'm jealous of that too.;))


Becky said...

Love your choice! I just found out I'm going to Orlando in 2 weeks...EEK!

Tan, tone, and new suit for me too.
Crap, just what I didn't think I'd be doing in February.

Anonymous said...

It is supposed to be "Peace Out!"
your sis

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Duh Little Sis--I KNOW it's Peace Out! It was cute cuz he changed it.

Anonymous said...

hey hey! great blog! saw you on 2000 bloggers. :D hehehe!

have fun in Cabo... my in-laws are going somewhere else in Mexico this weekend too.. *snifF* i want to go! but can't now. hehehe!

see yous!

Unknown said...

I like that one best too!

Christo Gonzales said...

nice choice but what if it is a nude only beach?

Frannie Farmer said...

I like it too .. not a red rose anything kind of girl myself.
And I completely live vicariously through all of my girls, when it comes to clothes and shoes - they can keep the acne!