Friday, January 12, 2007

Tonight's The Night!

Ya know how I've gushed about
High School Musical and how it's such a great movie?

Well, tonight's a big night! Because The Disney Channel is premiering their new original movie, Jump In, which I am predicting to be a big hit too!

So, what does a Manic Mom with a Diva do when a new fun Disney Channel movie premieres? She throws a party! Tonight, Diva is having about 18 girls from her Brownie troop and the 'hood over for a JUMP IN "late-over" party, complete with popcorn, pretzels, pop, and pizza! And Diva and I went to the dollar store and bought jump ropes for everyone! (The movie is about a jump-rope team, in case you don't know.)

You should see the invitations I made - they are soooo cute! I want to be seven again! The girls will wear their PJs and bringing a pillow, blanket and their favorite stuffed animal or doll.

And the best thing? They go home at 9.

I am already singing the song they play on The Disney Channel for the movie:
Push it! Push it! To the limit!...

OK, so I am seven. Not thirty-seven.

Anyway, I can't wait!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And thanks for all the great thoughts about me landing my "already-awesome-had-for-two-days agent." More to come, but I don't like to speculate on things until they happen, and I am a firm believer in not doing anything to jinx myself. My website has been updated though, if you want to know more.


mamashine said...

We're having popcorn and movies over here tonight too. My girl can't wait, and she's only three! :) How very fun to have 18 girls over though.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...


Fun, or absolutely crazy? I might not have known what I was getting into! Have fun watching the show!

Push It! Push It! cuz we're in it, to win it!

JT said...

Okay, from the last post - CONGRATS ON THE FLIPPING AGENT! that is so cool!

Now, well, not touching this one. I can't watch movies like this. Nope just can't do it. Waiting for Saw III to come out on DVD. I know, I have issues.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Jen--You are so missing out. Watching this show is like taking a double-dose of my Effexor--just brings out the Happy Feelings!

(Of course, I will be drinking wine while viewing, as well.)

xxxx said...

You are SUCH A NICE MOM! I wanna come!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Okay,I LOVE disney and so do all my kids. We will be watching for sure.

And HUGE congrats on getting the agent. You sooooooo deserve it. I'm psyched, now write the second book, sister;))

March2theSea said...

hey couple of things..

first you see this?

also, re: Corbin. I took my 7 year old to see the HSM was something. We got "solo" sets from Vanessa, Ashely and Corbin. Its on my blog if you do a short scan it should be there. We will be tuned in for sure!

Stinkerqueue said...

I've been keeping up with your site all these months even though I'm not up to the part where I'm throwing parties for 7 year olds in jammies just yet. Congratulations on finding an agent!

Angel said...

OMG, that looks like one of my boys!!!

Liza on Maui said...

We like High School Musical also. I'll check this one out:)