Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day Three

OK, I've made it 'almost' through Day Three. I think it's getting easier. First off, let me just say I did go to bed early last night, but when I woke up, I was still exhausted and was thisclose to blowing off the health club today (isn't 'health club' just a nicer way of saying 'gym?' I hate the word gym).

But, Tukey had a swim date while I was going to work out so I had to go, and once I was in the room, pumping iron (OK, so it was a five-pound iron, but it WAS made of iron!), I started to get into it. I think I even know how to do a squat right now! And the music... well, anyone who knows me knows whenever we are out and there's a DJ to be had, and I don't mean in THAT 'had' sense, then I want to hear Dee-Light's Groove is in the Heart. Well, that was like song number two in the pump-iron-get-fit workout today. And then, EVERYBODY DANCE NOW came on, and of course, any time, any where I am and I hear ANY song they played at my wedding, I tend to kind of just shout out, "HEY! They played this song at my wedding!" Anyway, it was a good workout; I can't wait until I am unable to get out of bed tomorrow morning because I DON'T HAVE TO! I can stay in bed and snuggle with Tukey until noon if we want, because I am not going to the health club until 12:30 tomorrow. I am sooo loving my little get-in-shape-in-19-days-or-less-OR-ELSE routine.

But of course, dear friend S, who you may remember from way back when this little episode occurred, has informed me that I need to do at least four hours of cardio a week. And well, although I am working out probably 5-7 hours a week, I'm getting very limited cardio. But, when I WAS getting four or more hours of cardio a week in, NOTHING WAS HAPPENING! But I do appreciate very truly S's advice, and she's a great friend, a life-long friend who helped me survive this part of the episode.

I don't know why, but whenever I think of my blog posts, the previous one always haunts me. I just don't get it.

Anyhoo, food intake today, not so bad. I started off with an apple, you know, to get the doctor away, to jive up the digestive tract, and get things moving. Then I went to the fitness strength training class, and afterward, I had a nonfatsugarfreevanillalatte, extra hot, no whip, along with one of my luscious WW double chocolate chip muffins for a grand old six points:

apple - 1 point
latte - 2 points
muffin - 3 points

Then, and I know this is not a smart thing to do, I starved myself for the rest of the afternoon. No, of course I DID NOT STARVE MYSELF! I just wasn't really hungry. I was jazzed up from the coffee, I had a couple hours to myself to work on my editing job, and I just didn't feel like eating.

Then, after school, Tukey and I colored while I shoveled in the popcorn, and laughed at myself at how disgustingly I eat it. I really should do a youtube video of eating popcorn, but I bet someone else has already done that. I bet I'm grosser though.

And, the key to my dieting success is to



MAP OUT YOUR POINTS, and as one of Manic Mom's fine readers asks, "How do you figure out points for your food?"

~~*Well, Violet, there's a book you get when you sign up, and then there's this slider-scale and you have to actually do some sort of mathy-type things to calculate the fat grams combined with the calories, keeping note of the quantity and how much fiber is in the food item. Got it? If not, and if you're looking for a specific food item, let me know! It's hard, but after being on the program since 2001, when I lost 60 pounds (have since gained back, GAG, 25-30), some things just kind of stick in your head and I know the point counts of lots of foods.*~~

So, all day long, I thought about dinner. What would I eat? How much of it would I consume? Would it be worth waiting all day long for?

And yes, it was, and yes, I made it myself, and yes, it was filling and yummy, and this is what I made:

Whole-wheat angel hair pasta (I had 2-1/2 cups which is a HUGE amount - and I like angel hair because I think you can stuff more into the measuring cup. With penne or corkscrews, I think there's a lot of wasted food space if you're measuring it)... so that much was like, 8 points. I always like to round up if I'm not too sure, but one cup is 3 points.

Then I roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic, then sauteed it, and added basil, a minimal amount of pinenuts, and some parmasan cheese.

ADDENDUM TO ORIGINAL POST: HOW COULD I FORGET THE BEST INGREDIENT??? I also put lump crabmeat in this awesome pasta dish, which equalled about 1.5 points for the crabmeat. It was delicious!

The whole huge plate full was about 12 points and I think I'm weighing in on the heavy side for that.

So, at the time of this posting, it is 8:13 p.m. and I've still got 6 points left, so I think I will have one of those chocolate chip cookie dough Smart One sundaes for dessert, then I will go to bed.

Tomorrow's dinner plans will consist of Whole Wheat tortilla BLT wraps. Damn, I sound like Rachel Ray.


Post-script: I haven't spoken much of 'the agent' for the jinx factor I subscribe to, but I just have to say, I HEART HER already! She has already sent the manuscript to four publishing houses and we've gotten our first feedback which was pretty positive, but the type of novel is not right for their publishing list... just another hoop to jump through, and she's helping me to jump!

~~~ Yummy, just ate my dessert. Total points today: 23


xxxx said...

You're doing so good! IM me ... my friend has another suggestion for you ... tee hee.

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Yay, you're staying in your points!!!!

And isn't it awesome. I "heart" my agent already too. In fact, I think I'm in love ;-)

Good luck! This is our year, sister!

stephhale said...

So happy for you. Can't wait for your first sale!
you are such a better dieter than I am. I'm having mood swings, chest pains, and I'm about to start gnawing on my own arm!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

The only reason I'm doing OK so far is:


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph,

I'm back doing WW too. Just had my first weigh in last night, and was down 3.5 pounds. It works when you really follow it. And this was with having lots of wine over the weekend, chicken wings and lots of cheeses during the Pats game on Sunday...but have also been hitting the gym regularly, 30 minutes on the elliptical to burn 400 calories.

So now I've almost lost the 9 pounds I gained in the Fall.

15 more to go...

Remember, a glass of wine is only 2 points.

:) Pam

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

WAY TO GO PAM!! That is very motivational! I am scared though, to start drinking the wine, because I can't usually stop at just one four-ounce glass!

I'm hoping/planning for a low-key weekend where there's not a lot of food around, but you know who's playing this weekend...

Da Bears!

(not that I care, I just like to say...

Da Bears!)

I go tomorrow a.m. to weigh in. I'm scared, but hopeful. Off to the gym now, where I might have to switch from the 'dreadmill' to the eliptical!

Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Is there such a thing as ONE glass of wine? Not for me. :) It's at least 2, often 3, when it's only a half cup. But, if I really do only have that amount in the glass, and refill it once or twice, I feel like I'm having more. So, I just plan on using 4-6 points for wine...more if it's the weekend. The whole key is to plan for it. I look forward to a glass of wine before or with dinner sometimes during the week...tonight for instance! So, I'll have chicken soup...and wine.



Anonymous said...

Hey there...I have never posted but love to read your blog when i have the time which is usually when i am bored out of my mind at work! Stacey from the ChicLit Loop told me I needed to stop in and say hi next time i read you, so here i am!!
Sounds like you're doing great, thoughts of myself in a swimsuit in Cabo would make me pretty determined too!
One tip that will help, I swear by this....stop eating a snack before you go to bed! I stopped eating after 7 PM, that's the only thing I changed and I lost 5 pounds in like 2 weeks!
Have a good one and Happy Counting!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Pam, chicken soup and wine--DOESN'T MATCH! Now, wine and pizza, wine and hamburgers, wine and crusty french bread... see why I can't get started on the wine!!

NikiB--HEY! Thanks for outting yourself! Stacey told me you guys read when you're bored at work! When you talk about stopping the after-7 p.m. snack, what kind of snack was it you quit eating? I think what gets me through the day is knowing I can have one little teeny treat before bed! But I am getting great advice from everyone here, including a friend of a friend who suggested a colon-cleansing pill! Nice to 'meet' you here btw!

Trish Ryan said...

Will you come cook crabmeat pasta for me??? And you are SO right - those small squiggly pastas leave too much air in the cup where more pasta should be :)

r. partygirl said...

Wow, good for you for sticking to your goals! Honestly what you're doing here isn't any less impressive than running long runs. It takes a lot of willpower to watch what & how much you eat. & I bet it's even tougher since the rest of your household isn't following the same dietary plan. & don't forget that if you're working out, you'll be building muscle so the scale might not reflect your hardwork. But your ass will be more toned. ; )

Frannie Farmer said...

Oh, I was doin' good on my diet today until I started reading the comments ... wine and crusty bread, that will get me every time. Thankfully there is still too much snow for me to venture out and pick the crusty bread.
Good for you Manic!!!

violetvirus said...

MM, I just read your post after like 3 days(?) you've posted...thanks a lot for dat!..I'm still confused though..hehe :P think I'll just check with you for things I eat I feel fattening...and I oso can keep a record of things you eat with d points you put up...your working out in 20 days is helping and inspiring me a lot!!! and thank you for dat...