Monday, October 16, 2006

Is It Wrong?

Today I sent Diva and Ajers to school, then crawled back into bed with Tukey and slept till 9 a.m.

Is it wrong?

Today I checked out two local gyms, then went and ate a McDonald's double cheeseburger and fries.

Is it wrong?

Today I made noodles for the kids for dinner, and I ate cereal.

Is it wrong?

Well, this post isn't going where I thought it would with the "is it wrong" formula so I'm just gonna stop here.

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to wish for a thin and muscular body? Is it wrong to hope your jeans are not too tight when you try them on in the morning? Is it wrong to not shower on a gloomy Monday morning?

Is it wrong to want to sit here and just do nonsensical stuff on the computer when my closets STILL need to be cleaned out?

Is it wrong to ... hmmm... trying to think of something else that might be perceived as wrong...

Is it wrong to be glad I don't have to wake up at six a.m. to feed a child any longer?

Is it wrong to feel secretly superior to

Is it wrong to want to stay in bed and sleep longer than I have a right to do so?

Is it wrong to crave a white chocolate mocha nonfat, no whip of course, in order to offset the dang cheeseburger I ate at lunch?

Is it wrong to think I should get off my anti-depressant medication because Dustin has done so?

Is it wrong to just want to click and comment and click and comment and find new blog friends every night when I could be doing real-paying work or writing my second novel?

Is it wrong to want to spend all my money on novels I want to buy but not have the time to sit and read them?

Is it wrong to feel jealous of

Is it wrong to want to throw up ... just kidding, I don't have to.

Is it wrong to ask you to go over and click my photo at, asking you to ignore the chickies that feel it's necessary to show their boobies to everyone?

Is it wrong to want health, happiness, unconditional love and a two-book, high-five-figure publishing contract?

Is it wrong to be sitting here typing all this hoobalaboo when the kitchen needs to be cleaned, the kids need to be put to bed, and I need to

Is it wrong to hope you'll answer my question?

Is it wrong to not know if Asia is to my left or right, or to not give a shit about who's running for what, or what our president is doing these days, or any other political whatever.

Is it wrong to wonder if David will love his new mother and miss his father in Malawi?

Is it wrong to hope Tom and Katie never get married?

Is it wrong to think it's really strange that Farrah has anal cancer?

Is it wrong to sit here and make fart noises with my mouth while I try to think of the next "is it wrong" sentiment, cuz that's just what I did.

Is it wrong for me to wonder what you think of me?

Is it wrong to say I burned my tongue eating the white cheddar shells straight from the pan?

Is it wrong that earlier, when I was boiling the water for the noodles, I was in here doing something and when I went back into... nah, scratch that one, I don't want to share it with you.

I share too much. My mom says so. So. I'll be done for now.


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I thought this post was really funny?

Anonymous said...

No, it's not wrong, because you're hilarious!

Angel said...

"Is it wrong to sleep till 9am?"...what the?.....sometimes I don't get up till 11am...and I am not at all ashamed to say that to the whole entire world.

Dustin said...

yeah, don't follow me.
I'm an idiot really....

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

But a cute one!

stephhale said...

dang, dustin's kind of hot!
I clicked on your 25 peeps thingy! You're crazy girl, that's why I love you, but you better get your a** in gear on that YA! How are we ever going to go on a book tour together? sorry I've been MIA, it's been CRAZY!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Is it wrong that I'm reading this post and thinking the same thing? We must be on the same wavelength, I swear.

BlondeBrony said...

Great idea for a post. I think many of us share those thoughts/ questions.

I would have to say no it is not wrong. Although I recommend you don't follow through on all of them :)

xxxx said...

Is it wrong to have wasted the WHOLE DAMN NIGHT on the Internet? NO, not when you're IMing Manic Mom and playing the Google game!

Is it also wrong to go get some chocolate out of my kitchen right now? Too late, already did it.

And if it's wrong to think Dustin's hot, I don't want to be right.

Dustin said...


i think you girls just made my day.....

Anonymous said...

is it wrong to sit here eating tims tams laughing my ass of about this post???


Drewpy Drew said...

It is not wrong, but it may be important. Just figure out what really matters and do that. The rest is just details.

Remember, if the family has food, clothing, and and shelter at the end of the day, you win.

Anonymous said...

That must be one of the most honest posts I've read in a long time. I loved it!

Allison Winn Scotch said...

NONE of this is wrong. But hey, is it wrong for a 33-year old woman to buy Reddi Whip on a whim and spend all of last night shooting it oon her fingers and licking it off? If that's wrong, I don't want to feel right!

Trish Ryan said...

Happiness is...Manic's blog :)