Friday, January 26, 2007

Day Eleven and Twelve

Damn Internet! Curse you to hell!

It is 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, January 25, 2007 and I cannot access my Internet! For like the past six hours it has been down. So, now I’m blogging and will post this in the morning after the dear, darling, most wonderful Comcast employee comes to my house to fix it.

Anyway, lots of stuff going on, so where to start?

I went to my Windy City Romance Writers of America meeting last night (which, BTW, I do not write Romance, but it’s OK, I can still be a member). We were supposed to view The Secret Laws of Attraction but the stupid DVD player at the library would not work so instead those who had seen it discussed it and I listened.

Basically, it is about visualizing what you want, and believing in it so much that you will get it. And being positive and being surrounded by positive people. There are some negative people in my life, and while I love them, it’s hard sometimes to be around the negativity. Nothing good comes out of negativity (see previous posts of me bitching about my weight and the bathing suit fiasco—was I negative or WHAT?!) And what did that get me? NOTHING! So, I am going to be positive now.

I am positively in need of losing some weight.

Ha, that was funny, wasn’t it?

Anyway, on to the weight factor. By the time you read this, it may be Friday, or over the weekend or even Monday so for the sake of a timeline, I went to Weight Watchers on Thursday, and weighed in.

Two-point-eight pounds down.


In six days. Including the lovely lunch I had at PFChangs on Saturday.

So, see, it does work; I know it does. I just didn’t get on the bandwagon soon enough prior to Cabo, but oh well, whatcha gonna do?

And I bought some bathingsuit items which I am going to post below (if my damn Internet connection ever starts up again!) and I want you guys to help me out; details at the end of the post.

Back to the visualizing and positive thinking. The meeting last night – one of the speakers was giving examples of the positive thinking and believing in getting what you want if you believe in yourself, and be specific to your wants.

For instance, I spoke up, and said, “Sometimes at the bookstore, I will go to the fiction section and find the EXACT SPOT my book will someday be shelved.”

“Yes! That’s what we’re talking about! The positive visualization! But you NEED to be SPECIFIC!”

So, I was thinking, OK, I can be specific. And I created a mantra for myself and I told myself: “I will sell 40 Weeks to XYZ Publishing house.” (I inserted the real name of this particular publishing house, but for reasons you’ll discover later, I cannot disclose this publishing house.)

So, I told myself this all night long, and all morning long: “I will sell 40 Weeks to XYZ Publishing house.” Like 50 or 60 times I tell myself this, and I start to get really excited about it, feeling like, OK, if I think it, it WILL happen. AKA “If you build it they will come.”

I get home, and this is when my Internet and email was up and running, and I see that my agent (ooooh, I so much love saying that!) has sent me an email.

I open it. And discover…

XYZ has contacted her…

And has rejected my novel!

Hahahahahahah – so basically, I’m getting the EXACT OPPOSITE of this The Secret Laws of Attraction.

What I wished for, the exact opposite happened. With the exact same publishing house I had been dreaming of!

I just have to laugh and wonder why?

Oh well, I am not discouraged, they had very nice, wonderful, positive (see, there’s that word again!) things to say about my writing, and the characters and the novel, so I will keep my spirits up!

And speaking of spirits… I bathing-suit shopped again today. I have discovered that it’s not the cut or style or color of the current suits out there. It’s me. It’s my body, and it needs to be in a different shape. So, I chose a few of the least horrible suits, and would like you all to decide which to keep, which to return…

Cast your votes! I am keeping the shorts, that's a given, so I guess you just need to vote on which halter top you like most! Thanks! (I feel like my suits are on American Idol! Cast those votes now!)







Kim Rossi Stagliano said...

Ooh, sorry for the publishing house rejection! Maybe you should visualize 40 Weeks with a Publish America logo on the spine in case that reverse thing is true? :)
I like the floral tops - sort of a bathing suite Trompe L'oueil (froo the eye.) I do it bacause I'm a flatsy with about as many curves as the number 7. Keeping the good thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

because i'm arose you'd think I 'D SAY the rose one... no I like the last one the best... I guess it depends on your colouring though.... good luck...

sorry to hear about the rejection but there is someone out there wanting your book you'll see.....

and you are so not fat....

domestic_valerie said...

Well...just change the mantra to ABC publishing house will buy 40 Weeks!

You know, for the positive vibe thing.

I love love love the first floral halter and the shorts. It plays up the top side-yeah-and down plays the bottom side. All without looking frumpy or granny-suit style.

You'll rock the pool boys in Cabo for sure.

KIM :-) said...

OK....I like B & D! ;-) Could be cause they are the same top, but that's the one I like best! :-)

Bummer on the rejection, but I tell you I will be 1st in line when (not if) your book(s) get picked up!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the black top with turquoise stripe. Second the turquoise/white flowers. Shorts are way cool.

I just got my batch of suits I ordered from My daughter wants to match me, so I got a ton off the clearance section (to try on in comfort of home, returning what I don't like) in her size and mine.

My favorite bottoms (size 10) came in the 10 bag with a SIZE 6 top. what's up with that? I just emailed and called to get right top!

Anonymous said...

I like C---although, they are all good choices.

Aaargh on the XYZ people. It WILL happen. I'll start going to the bookshelves and finding your spot, too; will that help? Maybe start a momentum among your blog readers: "Visit ManicMom's bookshelf spot today!"


M said...

I vote for the second to last one, the black one with the blue stripe. As for the book, I'm sure things will change soon. Keep being positive--I agree with you that there's usually no point to negativity!

Cute Jewess said...

I think B first, A second, C third. Voting on stuff is fun!

kim said...

I vote A -- a very strong A.

karla said...

I love swimsuits! Even when I hate seeing myself in them (which is most of the time) I still have this bizarre need to buy another one. Even considering some years I literally never find a need to wear one. It's a sickness. Anyway, my sickness is to your advantage here, because I have valuable input regarding your purchases. (That's right, I said "valuable." My new strategy is to try to convince people my nonsense chitchat is important and wise, and perhaps they'll believe it.) Suits A and B are awesome, particularly A. I want one of those. The rest are cute, too, but A and B are must-haves.

Did I mention how valuable that advice is?

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I think I might just go ahead and keep A B and C!

Thanks everyone!

kissmekate said...

Well you took the words right out of my mouth!

Bugger about the book deal but I am sure something even better is waiting somewhere out there!

Anonymous said...

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