Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day Four

OK, I am loving this!

It's like I have my very own personal trainers here at Manic Mom with all the awesome suggestions and support you all are offering!

Thank you!

Particularly, some of my favorite suggestions have included a "friend-of-a-friend-you-know-who-you-are" who suggested some Colon Blow! Ha Ha! Remember that SNL skit? If not, quit reading Manic Mom cuz you are too dang young to be here then! But seriously, a reader suggested some colon cleansing pills, and while I'm certainly not above that, I know some of you are chomping at the bit to tell me NOT TO DO THAT!

Well, let me tell you; I've had a colonoscopy before, and had I known there was a COLON-CLEANSING pill out there, I wouldn't have drank/drunk? that god-awful cherry-flavored crap in the first place!

So, while colon-cleansing pills might be a little extreme, they are definitely not being discounted at this point! Let's see how the weigh-in tomorrow goes.

I did do the 'dreadmill' today, for two miles, but of course, this gets me nowhere near S's suggestion of four hours of cardio a week. However, I have been viewing this video and perfecting the dance moves on it, so who knows, I might just get there. Cuz how can you not want to dance (or vomit -- it's one or the other) when you see this cute young thang do his thang ya'll? Mmmm mmmm, who needs dessert when you got Corbin Bleu?!

And speaking of dessert, let's talk about the food I ate today. I stayed within my points but any dietician or nutritionist would probably be annoyed with my choices today. I'm not perfect folks! I am not one to gnaw on a celery stick just because it's there. I NEED MY SUGARY STUFF. I even, dare I admit it, had a diet Coke today. It tasted good, but now, after I drink one, my mouth tastes all gummy and just pasty-yucky, like I need to hawk a big one up and just spit out all that splenda or nutrasweet and caramel color 99 or whatever that other stuff is they load them drinks with.

Today's menu, in order of consumption...

10 a.m. - Lemon WW snack cake - 1 point

noon - two mac 'n' cheese bites stolen from Tukey - 2 points

2 p.m. - cinnamon dolce latte - 2 points

one of those 100 calorie cookie snack packs - 2 points (pared/paired lovely with the latte, a very nice combo, I must say!)

4 p.m. - had another lemon WW snack cake - 1 point

Some apple - 1 point...

Now, we get to the best part. I knew what I was planning for dinner since last night so I made sure I had plenty of points to enjoy. I made BLTs. I didn't eat one BLT. I ate TWO BLTs. Let me explain how this trick here works. So, up until now, I've had 9 points all day (I know, I know, I've heard it all before, so don't waste your time, I'm aware it's not healthy to eat this way, but this is how I eat.)...

So, with 9 down, and a whopping 16 to spare, I did what any normal point-counter would do...

I had four pieces of Wonder Kids bread for 1 point each totalling (I love THIS kind of math): 4 points.

I buy the Oscar Mayer center cut bacon which offers the point-counter TWO SLICES of bacon for 1 point, rather than the 1-point-per-1-slice regular bacon. So, I put five, yes FIVE slices on each sandwich, plus, I ate two more just because.

This then totals 10 points.

Two huge, yummy, very filling bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches, sans mayo, cuz you don't need the mayo when you have tomatoes oozing out of the bread. You just don't.

Then, I also had 2 ounces of light cheddar chips, which is actually quite a lot, for 2 ounces, because you can't have a BLT without chips, now can you?

Total for dinner: 12 points.

Then I had me an ole Mint Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert.

And here I am. It's 11:17 p.m. I am not hungry. I am drinking water. I am achy from the weight-training class yesterday and the treadmill today, and I will be weighing in tomorrow, 10 a.m.

I also know what I'm eating for dinner tomorrow night, and if I want to, I could very conceivably eat three of them, as they are only two points each: a Hebrew National Fat Free hot dog in an extra fiber Healthy Life bun for TWO POINTS. I COULD EAT THREE OF THEM FOR SIX POINTS AND STILL HAVE ENOUGH LEFT OVER FOR...lots of little yummy treats!

OK everybody, let me have it! I love that you all are giving me good, fun, solid, supportive advice! This is seriously better, cheaper, and loads more fun than having a personal trainer! (Unless, of course, the personal trainer had a rock-hard bod and a penchant for slighty chub Manic Moms!)


xxxx said...

IM me after the weigh-in! I bet you do great!

M said...

More fruit! More veggies! Try salad with veggies and some nice vinegar (fat free). More fruit throughout the day. More foods from nature, less processed foods. Just my two cents. I usually try to keep it to myself, but since you asked . . . Good luck, you're doing great!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

M--I know, I know! I swear I would eat only salads and fruit if I had someone to cut it all up for me all day long.

I know processed foods suck.

And I love vinegar. Vinegar is good. Yummm... vinegar and salt potato chips are even wayyyy better.

OK, now I am hungry. If I ate now, would it be considered points from today or tomorrow, and is today already tomorrow? I'm so confused!

M said...

Manic Mom,

I commented to you on my blog too but wasn't sure if you'd see it. Do you have any excerpts from your book on your site?

Anonymous said...

I need to get me some snacky cakes I went out and got the WW cookie dough sundaes at your suggestion...mmmm

Here's what I ate today:

Breakfast: Slim-fast high protein meal bar, 4 pts.

Lunch: one pkg. high protein/fiber Quaker instant oatmeal with skim milk and frozen mixed berries- 4 pts.

Dinner: 5 oz. lean London broil and side of mushrooms, roasted in pan, no added fat: 7 pts.

Dessert: WW ice cream sundae, 3 pts.

snack: small banana with 1 T. peanut butter: 3 pts.

21 pts, total. Should be 22 I guess but oh well. And I even worked out for an hour. But, I'm going to see friends back home in NJ in 7 weeks, that I haven't see in 12 years or so, and one of them I used to I have to look HOT ;p

This is fun MM...thanks for the ice cream tip.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Deb--your day sounds waaaay healthier than mine was! Good for you! Yum--London Broil!

Also, M, I left a comment/answer on your blog.

Amie Stuart said...

I swear once you give up the sugar, it's not so bad *duck* The key for me is keeping it out of the house.
I'm not doing WW but I had to give up tons of stuff per the docs order (sugar, wheat, potates, rice, sugar, all processed food...). I even gave up caffeine. The only thing I refuse to give up is my coffee creamer.
There are tons of veggies you can buy already cut up (broccoli, carrots, pea pods (not cut up but they're good), salad, cabbage for cole slaw), and an hour or two a week spent chopping everything else goes a long way.

The Dummy said...

You're doing so good MM! Hubby getting jealous from all the whistles you get from the guys?

The Dummy said...

You're doing so good MM! Hope you took some 'before' pics so you can see all the great progress you made!

Randy said...

As a lifelong dieter myself, I believe in one true thing: you have to do whatever works for you. Personally, I'd rather not eat at all than fool around with crap like celery and lettuce leaves. If my cravings don't get satisfied (and, let's face it--for people like us, fruits and veggies don't cut it) I'll just keep eating and eating. As for breakfast, hey--there are SOME studies that debunk what we've been told for years, so I say if you don't want breakfast, don't eat it. For me, eating a hearty breakfast seems to set off the taste buds--causing me to crave more food all day long. Dieting isn't necessarily about hunger avoidance--it's also about dealing with our cravings, hungry or not. The best incentive in the world is an upcoming vacation...! (I've been known to book a trip for the sole purpose of getting a few pounds off!)

domestic_valerie said...

This is so off topic...but you made me crave BLT's! It's been so long...I might have to make me one of them.

Good work on the WW! My sister is "on the program" for her trip to NY in the spring and she's looking great. I'm considering it for this darn baby weight. Love the kid, hate the fat.

I'm sure you're going to be one hot mama in Mexico. Keep it up!

Trish Ryan said...

Yum! They're going to find you in Cabo and insist that you make commercials for them! Any diet that includes BLT's and hot dogs...I am all over it!