Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gypsy Girl

She is dancing
From me now
She was just
A wish
She was just
A wish

And her memory is all
that is left
for you now
You see your gypsy...
You see your gypsy...

My Diva turned seven today. Every time I hear Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac, I think of my Diva, growing up, becoming a gypsy, leaving me someday to find a life of her own. It makes me incredibly sad, but also proud to have such a beautiful daughter who belongs to me.

When she was born, seven years ago today, I had thought I had another boy, a brother for Ajers. Minutes after her birth, when I realized she was in fact not a son, but my daughter, I lost it. There's video of me saying, "Oh my God, my little girl. I wanted a little girl!"

I got my little girl.

She is my little gypsy girl, with flowing blond hair, and a style and attitude all her own. I love her so much, and as much as she challenges me every day of our lives, I know it’s just because it’s who she is, and I hope to be raising a strong and courageous girl who will become a brave woman who will feel she can accomplish anything in life that she sets out to do.

My gypsy daughter. I hope she doesn’t leave me soon.

Happy birthday McKaelen, my sweet gypsy little girl.


Anonymous said...

Awww, so sweet. I don't have a little girl though, I have two crazy boys...

cubmommy said...

Happy Birthday Diva!

Hey I am back online. The move was crazy and I hope to have a post up soon about it. Missed everyone.

Jess Riley said...

Happy birthday Diva girl! Steph, this post is just beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Diva although Im a bit late!

Chrissy said...

"Happy Birthday to you, DivaDoll!" (& you, too, Steph--you became the mother of a daughter that day!) :-)C