Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My "Other" Number

I mentioned My Number the other day and there is another number I want to share with you. I wish this number was MORE than the previous number, but it's not. However, unlike the "other" number, this number is absolutely positively okay to grow.

The "other" number however, will remain the same. Hey, that reminds me of a song.

Anyway, this number is the number of cool people I've met because of the internet. These people are bloggers and authors, and actually, I have met many other wonderful people through email exchanges but here is the number of bloggers who I have met through the gift of blogging.

One might worry that they're planning a meeting with a whacko person when one sets up an arrangement to get together with a person they know nothing of other than what they say on their blog. However, I have found that the bloggers I know are good and kind and funny and real and honest and what they say on their blogs tell me so much about the people they are. I truly feel you can connect with a person this way.

I had the opportunity to meet Cubmommy and her adorable cubs the other day and it's interesting and exciting. You drive up, get out of the car, and wonder, "Will she like me? Will I say something stupid? Will we have anything to talk about?" Then, the face meets the face, rather than the words meeting the words and it's a very neat experience. Cubmommy was so nice and sweet and we had stuff to talk about and there wasn't ever a time where we were like, "Uh, okay, what can we talk about now?"

Same when I had the opportunities to meet these wonderful people, who I remain friends with:

Here are some bloggers I have 'talked' with rather frequently who I would love to meet someday:
Breakup Babe
Cool Kelly Nelly

Here's one I hope to never run into:

If we've 'talked' and I've forgotten you, please send me a note. This old Manic Mom is getting quite forgetful!


Kelly said...

Aww! Thanks Manic!
When I get my sorry butt to Chicago we are sooo going to go shopping together!

domestic_valerie said...

Thanks Manic! I'd love an in-face meeting too. I'm sending you a copy of my semester project, I think you'll get a kick out of all of us budding writers offering advice and stories to other budding writers. You'll see where I have flagrantly placed words of wisdom into your mouth. Hope you don't mind... ;)