Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Opinion on Random Subject

Suppose your spouse asks you this question at 6:30 a.m. as he is getting ready to leave for the day and you are just waking up, still in bed:

"Do you want me to help take some of this laundry downstairs for you?"

I really would like to know the general public's opinion on what your immediate thought/reaction would be to this statement?

(And I hope to Dear God this is not the morning he decides to read my blog for the first time ever!)


Daughter of Eve said...

What I would THINK is, "Well, duh... why wouldn't I??". But what I would hopefully SAY - if I was being the graceful, loving, kind and patient person I aspire to be - is, "Yes, that would be lovely. Thank you".

BTW - hello! I'm a close friend of a relative of yours (give ya a hint - I live in Ohio). I've really been enjoying your blog, so I thought I'd finally take the time to post a comment.

Anonymous said...

First reaction. "He's finally thinking on his own"

Second reaction. "Bastard. He thinks it's MY job to do the laundry and he's "helping" Why is it my job? Does he think it's woman's work? Why do I do the laundry? Am I Rousseau's Sophie? OMG, why did I get married and have children?! I should have taken that job in NYC and gone career first, family later..."

Third reaction. "Monique, you're psychobabbilng this. Just say yes to the damn offer."

Meanwhile, husband has shrugged his shoulders at the constipated look on my face and left the room.

Story of my life, baby.

g. said...

I would take it to mean, "I am sick and tired of all this f***in laundry laying around." Serving as a reminder that it is *your* job to do the laundry and in his eyes you are failing miserably...

Oh wait, that would be my husband.



MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Maggie--Hey Becky's friend! You know I have many other Ohio relatives on my dad's side of the family, so you stumped me for a moment.

Monique--I like Reaction #3.

Gina--YOU'RE MARRIED TO MY HUSBAND! You've got it right on sista!

More thoughts from anyone?

Heather Hansen said...

My first thought, "what has he done that he's not telling me about."

Of course I'm a glass half empty kind of girl. :)

Kelly said...

My first reaction would be to feel like crap.
*But I would not SHOW that reaction.*
My second reaction would be to get all pissed and indignant that the damn laundry is MY job. I hate laundry dammit. So if you want your clothes clean do it yourself. I QUIT!

Did you see all that emotion just fly out of my keyboard?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. My first thought was, "How nice of him to offer," followed immediately by, "Sounds like a hint to me. How rude."

Anonymous said...

Help?! No I don't want you to help-
I want you to do your blinkin share of the work around here bucko. Do you want me to help raising our kids or do you have it and I'll go drink mohitos on the patio?

Then again- I can be a real cow early in the morning so perhaps the nicer reaction of others would be better.

thisbearbites said...

I'd sleepily answer, "Okay."
Then I'd roll over and snooze a little longer dreaming of the sweet, kind, helpful guy I'm married to.

Anonymous said...

Call 911!! I think I've killed him!!
It's the "for you" part I can't get past. "You wear it, you wash it". What's not to get?

Anonymous said...

WEll Looks like it hasn't grown legs since last night, and if you'd like to stop turning your underwear inside out, to get another wear of them...TAKE IT DOWN. And its your turn to make the coffee!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Good one anon 7:41! Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a man, and I found this site by searching "random subject" on a a search engine which says it all realy...

Daughter of Eve - Fair play

Monique - You women wonder why we have problems and say the wrong thing!?

Gina- Possibly, though if your husband did atcually think that I'd kick his ass!

Heather - He may well be saying/doing it as he doesn't trust you....

Kelly - Show him your first reaction!!! If he's a decent man he'll get the hint!

Caryn - Take the offer, it's probably how it's meant.

Eileen - Fair play, don't be quite so harsh though eh?

Ramblin' Rose - You don't wear my clothes? That's why you have issues!!!!! Wear his baggy sweater, nowt better than it!

Bear - I'm 26 and live in London...

DW - Again, fair play!

anon - Pants (Underwear) are meant to be worn for at least 3 days surely!!???? ;oP

Kidding! Well, the last one anway...

Anonymous said...

Hey how bout this women of the (very small world here) take the offer of laundry help shut your mouth or get your a$$ outside and mow the lawn or shovel the drive way, or other "pleasent guy work" having to do with either lots of dirt or really heavy stuff, get over it and wash my shirts...

Anonymous said...

Yet another man googling "random subject" today.

Well, your profile says; "[i]non-sexual affection, appletinis, wine, seafood, backrub that doesn't lead to sex[/i]"

Hmmm, no wonder your husband does not do the laundry for you. Next thing you know, you will be shocked, SHOCKED to find out that he is cheating on you.

Better let those backrubs start leading to sex before you have to change your url to singlemanicmom.

Yeah, you all can hate me for saying it but it's still the truth.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Anon, too funny! This is such an OLD post--you must not have seen the latest in the laundry fiasco!

Thanks for commenting. I laughed!