Friday, May 12, 2006

Tagged and Procrastinating

CMommy tagged me, so here are my answers to the ABC meme tag.

ACCENT: Native Floridian-turned Midwestern girl, but with a twang of East Coastness whereas I still refer to Pop as Soda, but refuse to call H2O woooter, which is how it's pronounced in Philly.

BIBLE BOOK THAT I LIKE: Luke, because that's the name of my son. Or, okay, how about the first story, about Adam and Eve. A story about two nudies living in The Garden of Eden is just so neat! And with a talking evil serpent!

CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: Cooking and Laundry

DOG OR CAT: Sorry, neither. Used to be cat, then I had kids

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Something that holds a Double A

FAVORITE COLOGNE: Obsession. Ex-boyfriend. 'Nuff said.


HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: Don't know, doesn't matter to me. I'm simple. Kate Spade who?

INSOMNIA: No. I can sleep 16 hours a day if I was allowed to.

JOB TITLE: Mom / Writer

KIDS: Ajers: 8; Divabitchdoll: 7; Tukey 4-1/2

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Very nice, thank you.

MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: I am kind to everyone and try to make people comfortable.

NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: Reading Judy Blume's at my Catholic school and getting in trouble for it.

~Kidney infection age 6 maybe--I didn't know it then, but now I am sure they catheterized me when they told me to put the bottoms of my feet together and ribbit like a frog and this won't hurt a bit.

~Tonsils when I was four, when I woke to see a plastic measuring cup next to me and I thought I had won some sort of "I-was-good-during-surgery" prize, then I puked all over myself.

~C-Section four days. They said I could go home after three, but I begged to stay.

~Overnighter when Ajers was 18 months and had his tonsils out. They put him in an oxygen tent he was so blue. He was my real live boy in the bubble. Sidenote: I was two weeks away from having Diva and slept on one of those stupid fold out chairs, and the damn bitch nurse could not give me another pillow.

~Two weeks after AJers tonsils--VBAC with Diva. Two nights.

~Two nights for third and final, Tukey.

PHOBIAS: Spiders in my hair, which has happened once when I was driving.

QUOTE: “Talent, Persistence, Timing." Quoter unknown.

RELIGION: Catholic school for 11 years. Now attending a Lutheran church. I prefer to call myself a Cathoran or a Lutheric, depending on the situation.

SIBLINGS: Three, all with the same initial as I have. 37 me, 36 Irish twin sister, 34 brother who called me Whale-Bone-Whaler when I was younger, 26 brother who is getting married this summer.

TIME I WAKE UP: Monday through Friday--when Ajers wakes me up at 7:01. Saturday and Sunday--Whenever I wake up. Well, not true. I usually wake up, roll over, look at the clock, see that the first number is an 8 and go back to sleep until the first number is a 9 or 10.

UNUSUAL TALENT OR SKILL: I remember names and situations and events and little things like what someone wore on the first Tuesday of July in 1984. Really. It was an orange Forenza v-neck sweater. Right.


WORST HABIT: Over inviting people when I am trying to keep the get-together small. I just can not include everyone.

X-RAYS: Knee, don't know. Do MRIs count?


ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: Monkeys, especially when they are doing this!

Tagging these good folks:

Joel, except I fear he has deserted the blogosphere forever, which is a shame because he is a good writer.

TommyDoc! because he posts like 17-pound benign tumors on his site.

R Martini, cuz anyone with a last name of my favorite cocktail has to be interesting.

Larry Resnick... And Jess, I do mean Larry. Let HIM answer these questions! Seriously

Swishy cuz you need to blog more.


Chrissy said...

Thank you!! I'm playing around with a typepad account, same name as here...I like it simply because the Reading List calls up the cover of the book photo!

Jess Riley said...

It's on, baby. Larry will get right on that. After he finishes fixing the car up on blocks in his front yard.

joyce said...

Funny- thanks for sharing!

Martini said...

I been tagged...thanks. Check out my blog and find out more about me. BTW....I liked your double A battery answer ;)

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Okay R Martini, but don't turn into a perve.

That'll annoy me. : )