Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Awake at 8:30 a.m. Hubby next to me. Hubby reaches slowly over to my side of the bed.

Me: "I bet you wish it was Father's Day today, dontcha?"

Bwahhhhahahahaa. He sure the hell did.


Hubby: "Don't you want a little 'sumthin' today for Mother's Day?"

Me: "Look. I can get that any day of the year. What I would like would be a 20-minute back massage."
Why would I want 'that other thing' when I can basically get it

Huh? Why?

That's like eating a hamburger every single day of your life, and then FINALLY, you get to go out to a nice steak place and when you're there, the waiter suggests to you that you might be interested in the quarter-pound hamburger they've got on the menu.

No. Dammit. I want a steak! I can have a hamburger any old day. Any time I want. I NEVER get to go to the steak place. I WANT A STEAK!

I know, I know. It's all hypothetical anyway. I didn't want a hamburger OR a steak today. Just a freaking back rub!!

The joyous thing about Mother's Day being on the calendar before Father's Day is that we moms can gauge our own enthusiasm toward their day in June. The father basically plans his own Father's Day destiny according to his Mother's Day behavior.

So, come June 18, I will probably wake up with a hangover and lay on the couch for most of the day. I will probably get to be home alone for a while when Hubby goes outside to teach Tukey how to rollerblade, and then I'll get some more alone time when Hubby takes the three kids to Einstein's for a breakfast bagel because he'll really want one that morning, a Honey Wheat with Honey Almond schmear, and he'll certainly want to spend some quality time with the kids seeing as he's a father because of THEM!

Oh, and then we'll go out to a nice dinner and get some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.

So, ha, most of this is 'tongue and cheek' and I really did have a fairly nice day. Really. I did. And I hope you did too! But, I truly can't wait for Father's Day!

Following are some great things the kids wrote for me, and I do cherish them.

From Diva:
These Are The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love You (certainly in no particular order, and the part in bold was already written. The italic part is the stuff she filled in)--

10--I love my mom because she reads me:
she reads sometimes to me.

9--I love my mom because she helps me:
do my homework.

8--I love my mom because she makes me laugh by:
When do stuff that is fun.
[Not sure what that means?]

7--I love my mom because she taught me how to:
ride my bike.
[I did? Where was I?]

6--I love my mom because she finds time to:
to help me to get ice cream.

5--I love to hear my mom sing:
sing with the radeo (radio) when we are the car sometimes
[and ONLY when we ARE THE CAR]

4--I love my mom because she:
let's me have ice cream
[are you seeing an underlying theme here with Diva?]

3--I know my mom cares about me because she:
she helps me when I am ill
[Phew--for a minute there, I thought she was going to throw out that ice cream thing again!]

2--I love my mom because she works so hard at:
getting me up for school.
[Ain't that the truth!]

1--I love my mom because she is the BEST MOM EVER!
[This one was already written for the kiddies. I guess finding ten things to love about a mom was going to be kind of hard so the teachers must have done this one for them!]

And, a lovely poem from Ajers:

I love her.
Ask Me Why. [Okay, this part was done for them. The next part, minus all the BECAUSEes, is all him]

Because she makes me touch the sky
Because she raised me to be a great guy
Because she makes me blueberry pie
Because she lets me play with my friends
Because I could love her till the end
Because she helps me mend, mend, mend my things.

Because. That's why I love Mom!
Love, Your first son.

Okay, it's a beautiful poem, and I love it, and I know it was hard for him to come up with rhymes, but do you for a minute think that I would have a single clue on how to make a freaking blueberry pie? I don't even think I've ever BOUGHT blueberries for him.

And sewing?

He has never seen me touch a needle and thread. I have never had to mend anything of his. I just pack it in his overnight bag when he visits G'ma and she fixes the broken stuff.

I guess this is what they call using Poetic License?

And I cannot forget Tukey, who came in this a.m. with a beautiful smile on his face and lots of hugs and kisses for me today, and a cute bookmark he made for me at school.

I love them all. I hope you had a wonderful day everyone!

Heh heh heh--Now, what's the countdown till Father's Day!?!?!


Modigliani said...

Happy mothers day, MANIC MOM!!!
Sounds like you had a great day. But I'm still not sure - did you get the backrub or not?!

CozyMama said...

Happy Mothers Day! My husband is the same way!!!!!! GEEZ!!! My boys made me some wonderful cards!!!! It was so sweet.

Martini said...

Hope you had a great Mother's Day! I'll tell you I's my favorite hobby, I's not my hobby, I did laundry...I don't separate colors and pampered my lovely wife.

My two kids, Sports Nut 1 & 2 helped. Mom's do a lot of guys do appreciate'll never know how much.

Dustin said...

all this ice cream talk has made me hungry.


coldstone anyone?

The Dummy said...

Very cute. For a second there, I thought you did make blueberry pies! Oh yeah, what about that back rub?