Saturday, May 06, 2006

My Number

I'm reading 20 Times A Lady. It's not out yet, but I got an advanced reader's copy. I'm loving this book! Here is a quick blurb from the back of the book:

All right. Honesty time. Everybody's got a number—in fact, everyone's got a few numbers. There's the one we tell our friends, the one we tell our spouses, the one we tell our parents, etc. But only we know what our true number is...

How many people have you slept with?

When Delilah Darling wakes up naked in a bed that's not hers after a drunken night out, she experiences one of the biggest regrets of her life. Not only did she have sex with her disgusting boss (who fired her the day before) but in doing so she has reached her self-imposed "number" limit: she's had sex with twenty men. Since Delilah refuses to up her limit but also cannot begin to imagine a life of celibacy, she does what any normal girl in her position would do—she tracks down all the men she's ever slept with in an attempt to make it work with one of them.

20 Times a Lady takes the reader on a hilarious cross-country romp with Delilah's past loves and proves that in the end numbers don't matter—true love comes when you're open and ready to accept it.

In the first few pages, Delilah discusses 'the number' and says "the average person has 10.5 sexual partners in their lifetime." Okay, let me just say that I am SOOOOOOOO average, well, okay, a teeny-tiny bit above average. I mean, how do you have sex with half a man?

Oh nevermind. I guess you can. Ever hear anyone say, "He's not half the man I thought he was"? (This would be number three on my list, for certain.) Haha.

So, after I read the first couple chapters, I started thinking about my 'liaisons' and jotted down the names on my list. And I laughed, and I recalled some events, and I wondered what ever happened to so-and-so, and I wondered why it was THAT twin and not his hotter fraternal brother?

I think in some upcoming blog entries I may reflect upon some funny moments about these liaisons (sorry, I just like that word, and when I type it, I say it aloud. Lee-Ayh-Zyun...It's just a fun feeling mouthy word). Because there were certainly some interesting ones!

As an aside, my list started the summer I was 18 (the book notes again the average age people have sex is 17.7, so I guess I was a late bloomer). My list ended when I nailed the one and only, my hubby, at number 11 (or was he twelve, I'm not sure really? I'll need to think about this for a bit) when I was two months shy of turning 21.

The author Karyn Bosnak(she's Karyn of the famous website where she web-begged people for money and became a rich, famous author because of this, and no, I'm not bitter. She's an entrepreneur extraordinaire!), has dedicated the novel to "anyone who's ever second-guessed a decision they've made. Our past makes us who we are. Have no regrets."

And you know what? I don't have any regrets (except for the fact that now everyone knows my real number, including my in-laws. Thank GOD my grandmother doesn't know what the internet is!).

What's your story? What's your number? Too many, not enough? The one and only? Any regrets?


LZ Blogger said...

Sounds like a cross between "My Name is Earl" and "Desperate Housewifes" ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

How to get 10.5?


Preferably 3 or 5. Sampling one doesn't give you a view of the entirety of the je ne sais quoi.

annabkrr said...

Great post! I think mine is 6 or is it 7? One of them. :)

cubmommy said...

My number is one and only one. My husband. Don't know if that is sad or commendable. I wasn't really saving myself I just did not find anyone I wanted to be with until my husband.

Lisa said...

I'll give you a hint at my number... If I counted the amount of people I've "done" using my fingers, I'd only need one hand. I don't know if that's pathetic or good. My parents would think that's horrible, course they would still like to think I'm a virgin even now with a child and hubby at the age of33! heehee.

Interesting question... And thanks for being brave and putting not only the inquiry out there but your number too!

Anonymous said...

I won't say my number...but the book sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

You are fearless! No one know my number butmme, baby, nobody, no how. Sometimes I infer something on the grandiose side, oher times something a bit more modest. It's the secret my age will never be!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

LZ--I've never seen either show. Why watch Desperate Housewives when I live it every day! LOL

Anon--LOL at the midgets. Never had one of those!

Anna--thanks for sharing

Cubmommy--I think that's great. Truly.

Lisa--Not pathetic at all. I think of it this way--sometimes don't you buy a certain brand of something (like toilet paper) then decide it's not the right kind for you so you need to go out and buy another type. Hahah.

Monique--You chicken!

KJ--I'm not fearless. The only person who really has a right to know is my husband, and he knows. However *I* still don't know HIS number!

Would love to hear from more on their number or their thoughts about this. Lately I've been thinking that, of course, there are some on my list I wish weren't there, but really, there are quite a few that I had the chance and I missed that opportunity. Looking back, I wish I would have tried more brands of toilet paper, and maybe thrown away some before I tried it!

Christa said...

I am SO below average-yes, me, a whopping TWO. And though I have no regrets, I would have been happy had it only been ONE. (the present ONE}. I am, however, extremely above (or below?)the curve on age. Sixteen. Barely. That's right, folks. Don't judge me, I was a mature sixteen. And he was eighteen and HOT and we were left alone WAY TOO MUCH. And we were together for a whole two years before I realized the difference between love and lust. Consequentially I will be locking my daughter in the closet the day she turns 16.


Anonymous said...

christa is super funny!!!!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Christa IS THE BEST!